End of T6 update and 'thank you' from Mr. Coles – Executive Principal - TPLT

23 July 2018

Thank you for all your support of our teachers and support staff this past year. We will soon have a Trust of 4,700 children / students in October once The King Alfred School, Highbridge join the Trust. We hope Pawlett Primary School will also join in 2019. They are doing great things at Pawlett now. This past year through working assiduously with staff at Priory, Worle, Castle Batch and St Anne’s we have built a very healthy approach to joint working. I am delighted to see staff from all the schools now jointly planning and working as ONE TEAM. Parents and carers, I hope, are now becoming aware of the key themes of our Trust – great sites, a focus on outcomes and a cleat approach to making sure all our children have a really great ‘wider’ education. Take last week for example, we had children and staff on trips far and wide whilst also providing in-school activities, such as final assemblies and “World of Work” days. On my visits to the academies I am always struck by the ‘can-do’ approach of all our staff. The way the Priory Battlefields trip was quickly rearranged was superb. I also want to say thank you to all our Principals and Heads – Mrs. Dupras, Mrs. McBride, Mrs. Dadds, Miss Scott, Mrs. Hardy-Smith, Mrs. Hurr and Mr. Jenkins.

Should you wish to contact me I am on email at Neville.coles@theplt.org.uk and on Twitter @nevillecoles.

Again – our schools really appreciate the great support from parents / carers and we thank you.

Summer Break

School will finish for the summer break at 12:25 on Tuesday 24th July.

Parent/Carer Update

Hi my name is Louise and I have a child in year 7 and I am also a member of the Academy Council.

I wanted to write to reflect on my first year with being involved with WCSA, as we near the summer holidays, and gosh this year has gone so quickly.

I remember (as you all probably do) when my daughter joined WCSA last September, as she moved from a school where she had been for 8 years and knew everything and everybody to a huge secondary school where she was the youngest and knew nothing. Children are very adaptable though and she soon settled in.

At the other end of the school the GCSE s have just finished and the school have wished the year 11s well with a leaving assembly and a prom.

So much goes on in a school like WCSA, which is one of the reasons that I applied to be an Academy Councillor. It allows me to know what is going on all around the school, be involved with plans for the future, and also add my view from a parent’s perspective.

One of the things that I have noticed at WCSA is the real focus on positive comments, and there are many ways that this this is expressed in the schools from achievement points, to Friday phone calls home, to the reward days. I know from speaking to both students and parents that they really value this, and also the teachers love to be able to give positive feedback. It reminded me that many years ago as part of my management career I read a book called ‘Whale Done’ which talks about the power of positive relationships.

111The book explains that both whales and people perform better when you accentuate the positive. It shows how using the techniques of animal trainers – specifically those responsible for the killer whales of SeaWorld – can supercharge your effectiveness at work and at home. It explains the difference between ‘GOTcha’ (catching people doing things wrong) and ‘Whale Done!’ (catching people doing things right).

I do believe that we all like a bit of praise from time to time and it spurs us on to do things better whether that is at school, at work, or at home. This book is a really easy and enjoyable read if you wish to take a look, I’m sure that everyone will take something from it.

222In the near future the school are looking forward to the year 9 and 10 awards evenings. Also new from September will be new badges awarded by each department (see some examples in the picture). These are really fantastic badges of a high quality and really fun as they each depict the department that awarded them. I’m sure that students will love receiving these and will wear them proudly.

Another big improvement this year that I have noticed is to how the school looks. You will have seen Mark Antoine’s message about the investment that the school has received and the improvements that this has funded, But I also look at the cleanliness of the school site and how much more pleasant it is now with walls painted and posters and artwork all around. This is a much nicer environment for the students to spend their day.

Miss Scott and everyone at the school are always keen to hear from parents, so please get in touch with them if you want to know anything, or even if you want a tour of the school! I had the pleasure last week of spending time in the school during a school day and seeing how things work on a normal day; it was amazing (and very different to when I was at school many moons ago!) I was really impressed with the relationships between teachers and students, and also thought that the students produce a really high quality of work. Should you wish to be more involved and join the Academy Council please contact the school.

Being involved with the Academy Council has shown me many things, and I am still learning. II have been really impressed with the commitment of all the staff at the school (both teaching and non teaching).

I hope that you all have a great summer holiday

Louise Haydock – AC Member

Parent Survey

We welcome your feedback for the 2017-18 parent survey.

This information is invaluable to us and helps to ensure we are providing the best possible education, care and support for your child.

All responses are anonymous.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Click here to complete the survey.

Prom Photos

Year 11 Prom photos are now available in the Photo Gallery!

Photo Gallery

Thank you for your commitment and support last week in the extremely hot weather.

It looks like the forecast is set for the sunshine to continue next week so students are allowed to wear their PE kits to school next week if they so wish.

Many students came in their uniform last week also and this is absolutely fine too. Please remember that we do not allow trainers unless students are in their PE kit.

Best wishes,
Miss Scott

Breaking news - Jacqui Scott 'Headteacher of the Year' - Bristol Post Education Awards 2018.

At an awards ceremony in Bristol tonight Jacqui won the award after two years of incredible work as Principal at Worle Community School.


It’s hot!

Please feel free to wear your school PE kit – or uniform – leave your blazers and ties at home. We will post a further update over the weekend. Please do encourage students to come with adequate water and sun cream.

Parent / Carer Update – Monday 18th June

 WCSA Health & Safety by Mr. Bird
Assistant Business Manager

Now, for those who have not already given up reading after seeing the words ‘Health and Safety’, thank you! 

As you would naturally expect, Health and Safety is of the upmost importance at WCSA. I am delighted that as it’s a key part of my role (along with every member of staff) – it allows me to make a difference every day to WCSA students and staff.

Contrary to popular belief, Health and Safety is not necessarily boring or used as an obstacle to prevent things from being done; at WCSA we use it to both enhance the students’ learning experience and to increase awareness or skills that benefit students when outside of school. Let me explain by touching on a few things which I have been involved in this week…

Emergency Planning – Although the school has fire and closure drills, events last Friday reinforced why we plan for such emergencies, as we were on hand to accommodate and assist all Mead Vale Primary School staff and students following an evacuation of their school because of a gas leak.

Thank you so much for today, you were both amazing and supportive. Mead Vale is fortunate to have such caring and dynamic neighbours. I appreciate you had exams on and yet you were still so accommodating.  Please can you also pass on my thanks to all the staff that helped and managed the incident seamlessly and with such professionalism, a real credit to you!

Kind regards

Jason M Nicolaides
Mead Vale Primary School

School Trips – We are lucky to have so many passionate and committed staff at WCSA, as there is a lot of work that goes into ensuring school trips / events are successful, and students get the most from every one. From a Health and Safety perspective I am involved at an early stage so that arrangements and documentation is in place to make them as safe as it is practicably possible. For those trips which are regarded as a higher risk (i.e. abroad, residential, higher risk activity) an external consultant is also involved in this process. I am pleased to say that WCSA organises lots of trips, and although there are too many to mention, they include; Thorpe Park, School Prom, Yeovil Air museum, French trip (Paris), careers and college tasters, skiing (Italy) and Geography (Iceland). 

Sustainable Travel – Part of this has included encouraging students to cycle / scooter to the Academy, as this has health benefits as well as environmental ones. Last term the school allocated another cycle / scooter shelter for student use and arranged for bike mechanics to service student bicycles for free. This week, continuing on the safer cycling theme, WCSA rewarded all students who were seen to be wearing a cycle helmet on a particular day, with a £10 shopping voucher – hopefully this will encourage others to do the same. Here is a picture of just some of them.


Although this update is brief I hope this goes someway to reassure you that all WCSA staff takes Health and Safety very seriously.

If you do have any concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr. Bird
Assistant Business Manager

Parent Update from Marie Lewis

12 June 2018

Here at WCSA, praise is an integral part of our teaching and learning. We have a wealth of talent that we are keen to foster and nurture; so many hard-working students who richly deserve acknowledgement and recognition. Our key aims are:

–          To promote a learning culture which recognises and celebrates achievement

–          To teach appropriate behaviour and establish positive relationships

–          To increase self-esteem through recognition, and

–          To create a positive classroom environment for staff and students.

Each lesson, staff are encouraged to give students as many achievement points as possible. Points are issued for reasons such as being on task, excellent engagement and excellent effort. Students’ names are written on the Learning Stars board, to highlight and recognise their success in gaining these points. They are often keen to get their names on the board and achieve as many points as they can. The number of achievement points each student has achieved is shared with them each week during tutor time, so that they then record the data in their planner.

In assemblies we ensure that excellent attendance and effort is acknowledged; students’ names are read out and prizes given. In departments – subject certificates and praise postcards are given for outstanding work. Department badges, sports badges and special ties are issued for continued excellence, hard work and determination to succeed.

We also host ‘Heroes’ events where parents and carers nominate their child for making a positive difference to their school or community – be it for the support they give in the home to sporting and academic success in school. Parents and carers are then invited into school where the students are presented with a certificate and a voucher entitling them and their family to a free activity session at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. We will be hosting these events on a regular basis, so please do nominate by sending the student’s name, school, year group and the reason why you think they are a hero to: hero@worle-school.org.uk . We would love to hear from you!

We also have celebration of achievement evenings where the top students in each year group who have the most achievement points, or who have made excellent progress or have superb attendance are acknowledged and rewarded.

Miss Scott also meets with students of the week each Friday – the highlight of her week! This is an opportunity for Miss Scott to meet and congratulate students who have made wonderful contributions to the school and/or the wider community. The student of the week is given a red badge; a purple badge is issued to any pupil who has been student of the week twice.

Thank you for your continued support and please feel free to contact the school with any good news stories about our students and what brilliant young people they are.

Termly Update from TLPT to parents by YouTube - thank you for support.

A letter for Year 11 parents/carers regarding study leave

Y11 Leavers' Assembly and Prom

The final assembly will be held from 3.00-4.00pm on Wednesday 27th June in the restaurant. Students are welcome to dress up if they would like to, but this is also an opportunity to get shirts signed so they may want to wear them.
This will be their final time in school before the Prom on 28th June at Rookery Manor.Students should arrange to arrive from 7.00pm onwards and ensure they know how they are getting home at 11.00pm when the Prom ends.

Thank you

Welcome back to Term 6 – June 2018

Termly update to parents / carers

Neville Coles – Executive Principal
The Priory Learning Trust – STUDENTS FIRST

As is in the norm at the start of each term, I like to write a short piece from The Priory Learning Trust (TPLT) about recent events and progress – the start of T6 is no different.

As our parents and carers – thank you for your continued great support.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 16.27.21

We really do want open communication between academies / schools and our parental body. Please be aware that all schools within TPLT – and the two new schools who are shortly to join – The King Alfred School, Highbridge and Pawlett Primary – have social media accounts – Twitter and Facebook. Please do use these as a means of keeping in more immediate touch with the events at the academies and schools, if you so wish.We use social media as a way of celebrating success alongside our newsletters and websites. Please be aware that social media is not really to be used for individual communication and individual need. It is much better to e-mail directly to the schools / academies who will respond as a matter of urgency to any individual request. In fact, we pride ourselves in getting back to parents and carers very quickly. Should you not receive an email in the appropriate time frame please do contact me personally at neville.coles@theplt.org.uk. We certainly would not claim to get everything right first time but we are extremely passionate about great customer service and providing swift replies to parents / carers as soon as is possible. I hope this has been your experience. We will also continue to ensure our Friday ‘phone calls’ happen across all secondary schools; we have a very healthy praise and rewards culture. Indeed, am very pleased to see that WCSA are further increasing the use of ‘reward badges’ for blazers this term. Great to see these being worn on uniforms with pride.The Term 6 update comes as the SATS and the GCSE exams have started and, of course, in the case of SATS, completed. Well done to all our wonderful Year 6s and their teachers and support staff. Our little Year 2s also did some tests as well (!) – very early to have tests (in my view); very well-handled by our primary schools – well done Y2.  It was really fantastic to be able to reward our Y6s and their teachers with a delicious ice cream at the end of the SATS week. Many of the Year 6 children, from schools such as Castle Batch, St Anne’s and Pawlett, will be transferring this summer into TPLT secondary schools at The King Alfred School, Priory and Worle. We wish them well. Transition is now planned and coordinated much better through being a Multi Academy Trust. The joined-up work of Lisa Dadds (Head at St Anne’s) Emma Hardy-Smith (Head at Pawlett) and Vicky Dupras (Head at Castle Batch), alongside their secondary colleagues, in making transition better will be instrumental in the coming months. Secondary staff and primary staff are now working much more closely together for the benefit of all.We are delighted to announce that the number of new Year 7s at Worle for this coming year is now at 297. This is the biggest intake for some time. Likewise, at Priory there will be 300 new students joining Year 7. In fact, Priory had a huge 377 first choice applications; I will be going to an ‘appeals process’ for places at Priory in the coming months. We are delighted to welcome this number of students into the Trust in our WSM 11-16 academies. It is very likely that by April 2019 we will have 4,723 students within the Trust. Thank you for your continued support for the local academies in our Trust within the North Somerset and Somerset region. As a central Trust team we continue to provide a great deal of support to each academy. We are now able to have a Director of Science (Miss Criddle), a Director of Maths (Mrs. Goddard-Lock) and a Director of Careers Education (Mr. Wilmot) working across all the academies. There is also a fabulous team of support staff assisting the Principals, Leaders and staff each day.  Our ‘Director of Careers Education’ is a new post – we think it is so important to ensure we have great careers education, guidance and advice across all our academies. So… everyone is working extremely hard to ensure our results are in the top 10% of results across the UK. Results will tell in the summer; we certainly believe that by working together in this way, through a MAT, we are much stronger. STRONGER TOGETHER.


During the summer break, there will be a new student toilet facility built at Worle. At the same time, we will be completing the major building works at PCSA. The work at PCSA is to accommodate the new student number of 300 on entry. In the due course of time capital improvement projects will be started at Castle Batch, The King Alfred School and St Anne’s. In fact, we are delighted to say that we have received £1.2million of funding to improve the roofs at The King Alfred School, Highbridge. Great news alongside the appointment of a new Principal at TKAS – Mr. Nathan Jenkins. We hope Nathan will start with TPLT in July.

If any parent has any questions or wishes to learn more about TPLT please do contact me or John Richardson (Trust Board Chair) directly on our e-mail accounts.

We are very interested in hearing from any parent / member of the public who might like to join us as either trustees or as part of an academy’s Academy Council (local governing body).
Again, please do contact me should you wish to hear more about this part of the Trust.

Please do look at the Trust website at:
Twitter @nevillecoles

Welcome Back to Term 6

Parental/Carer Update
Monday 4 June 2018

Welcome back to Term 6; I hope that the weather has not spoiled your family time. I enjoyed a visit to see my new born nephew in London (see below). I had forgotten quite how exhausting small babies are – wow! Give me Year 9s anytime!  However, we also welcomed lots of our Year 11 into WCSA for additional revision sessions. These were well attended for history, geography and maths. Some subjects finished before half term, so our Year 11s are on their final push this week and next. Personally, I think students have been very well prepared again this year – in fact, better than ever. I would never wish to jinx August 23rd (SUCCESS DAY) – but lots of Year 11s have finished examinations with smiles on their faces as they found the papers straight forward. We are confident of some great results this coming year. Thank you for all the parental support of the systems at WCSA.


CE days are on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 July and students will not be required to wear uniform. This type of enrichment activity is very important to us all at WCSA.

We are also in the middle of writing to you about some other key celebration events. I have been delighted with the hard work and commitment of so many WCSA students. I see five students weekly on a Friday. They are selected on how many positive achievement points they have amassed during the week. If your child has been ‘Student of the Week’, you will have received a letter from me telling you about this accomplishment. They also get a red Student of the Week badge to wear on blazers. We currently have three students with purple badges – this means that they have been Student of the Week for a second time. Pictured below is one of our Friday sets of students. Please let us be a badge-rich school – we want badges in all areas of school to reflect all types of abilities and talents.


So, the two events you can look out for letters in the post for are the “Celebration Evening” in July and the “Rewards Trip” to Thorpe Park towards the end of term. The Celebration Evening is for Years 9 and 10 (we celebrated Years 7 and 8 back in the Autumn Term). All Year 7 – 10 students are eligible for the rewards trip. Don’t forget – we also have our evening The Grand Pier in October to say well done and a final, final goodbye to our current Year 11 top performers – both effort and achievement.

Lastly, an update is never an update without pictures of what the students get up to in classrooms on a daily basis. A couple of weeks ago, we had our DT moderator in to check the Y11 Controlled Assessments had been marked properly. I was lucky enough to see all of the work on display over in the DT area. Now … I do walk the school daily and see what goes on; however, nothing could have prepared me for the standard of work produced. Looking at the pictures below, I am sure that you will agree with me. All work was at a grade at 9 – 4 minimum. Well done Year 11 DT students and our super DT staff.

33 44

Thank you, as always, for your continued and on-going support.

Miss Scott – Principal

Options - Your Future Stepping Stones (Year 8)

Written by Mr Whittaker, Head of Year 8.

Knowing what GCSEs to choose can be tough, as a wide range of subjects are offered at WCSA. Your GCSEs are your first stepping stone towards A levels, a college course, an apprenticeship or any other post-16 education; remember you have to stay in education or training until you are 18. It is important that you plan your pathway to your chosen career. Have a route in mind and start to think about the courses that will help you achieve your career goals.

There’s no right way to choosing your GCSEs but it does help if you think about your future when making your decisions and do your research by looking at the courses you could chose at post-16.

What is a GSCE?

It is a General Certificate of Secondary Education and you will study your chosen subjects for 3 years, with final exams taking place at the end of year 11. I am already looking forward to sharing and celebrating your results day in August 2021. I know it sounds like a lifetime away but believe me it will soon be here!

When I think back to my GCSE options I was lucky because I already had my chosen career in mind and I just had to map out how I was going to achieve my goal of becoming a Physical Education Teacher. Following my GCSEs, I chose to do a college course in Sport Science which led to a University degree in Sport and Leisure and ultimately a Post Graduate Certificate of Education.

My career pathway sounds straight forward, but believe me it was far from it. There were lots of hurdles to get over and some tough decisions along the way, but hard work and dedication got me to where I am today on my career pathway.

For Year 8 students, your journey starts now. With lots of hard work and commitment to achieve your GCSE target grade, you too can achieve your own career goals.

Mr Whittaker
Head of Year 8 WCSA

Pictured is Year 8 student Olivia Finch considering her Year 8 options.

Parent Update - SEND

15 May 2018

The SEND team now consists of Miss Fitzgerald (Assistant Principal and SENDCo); Mrs Kane (Intervention Lead and Dyslexia Co-ordinator); and 11 Learning Support Assistants.

The SEND provision is progressing well and the Sir Richard Branson Centre is always engaging students in learning and overcoming their barriers. We continue to offer a range of interventions such as Fresh Start which is a phonics reading programme for Year 7 and Year 8; a booster reading intervention for Year 8 and Year 9; a handwriting intervention for Year 7 – 11; maths booster intervention and a touch-typing intervention for Year 7 – 11 to make our students more independent and ready for Post-16 education. Further to this, we also offer a range of social and emotional communication skills such as Lego therapy, art therapy, and understanding abstract concepts using real life experiences such as growing plants. Additionally, many of our students are now accessing the tinted paper/exercise books which are having a real impact on their progress. Students feel that it has been a positive move and helps them to focus in lessons. Further to this, we thrive on ensuring all students are in class accessing learning through Quality First Teaching and ensuring they become independent learners.

Years 11s are just about to start their GCSEs and we would like to wish them the best of luck. The SEND students have been having extra English and maths interventions focusing on key areas and have also had the opportunity to have 1:1 mentoring to discuss exam techniques. They are the first Year 11s to have their exams on tinted paper.

We are currently in the process of planning the Year 6 transition, ensuring that all feeder primary schools have been contacted and 1:1 meetings are currently being arranged. We will be organising extra transition sessions for the SEND students to boost their confidence and to familiarise them with the new school setting and to ensure any worries have been addressed before September. We would like to wish the Year 6 students good luck for their KS2 SATs and look forward to meeting them soon.

Principal’s Update – Looking Forward

Tuesday 8 May 2018
Learning Cycle 4 – Week 2


This week, I want to write about looking forward. We have a lot to look forward to here at WCSA. The GCSE examinations have started with art and photography last week, as well as the languages speaking exams the week before. Next week is French and Spanish listening and reading. I am well aware of this, as I am sitting the French GCSE myself! Everyone talks about how difficult the new spec GCSE is, so I wanted to try it out for myself. All I can say is a huge well done to all students who completed their speaking exam. I look forward to the results in August. If last year is anything to go by, we will have something to celebrate.

Celebrating examination success August 2017

We are looking forward to welcoming our Year 6s. Primary students now know where they will be going in September. We have a recent years’ record  of 294 students already coming. This number tends to increase as families move into the area. I know this as I am touring so many prospective parents. So, if you do know anyone still undecided, please do encourage prompt action as I anticipate that we will shortly be full. I am personally looking forward to our Transition Day 2018 (for Year 6s) on Tuesday 3rd July – hopefully no union action this year! We again apologise for last year’s disruption. I am also looking forward to our Open Morning (for Year 5s) on Saturday 14 July – 10am start. Thank you to all staff who have agreed to be here on that morning and ‘go the extra mile’ to encourage families to come to WCSA.

We are busy planning ahead, as we always do at this time of year, for September 2018. This year saw our first round of learning cycles and associated homework books. I think, overall, you (the parents) and your children have liked this approach to teaching and learning. Many of you have fed back to us. We know that you want us to ensure that all teachers are regularly checking homework completion. This is something that we are again looking to really stress to staff for September. Please do get in touch, however, if you have a view, opinion or idea. Most of the good ideas do come from you, the parental body. Certainly, we overhauled our option approach as a result of your comments and suggestions.

Personally, I am looking forward to my annual May break. However, we have much to get done between now and then. It is the final countdown for English and Maths GCSEs for the Year 11s. I would argue/suggest that these two examinations are the most important for any student. The government insist that all school leavers achieve a Grade 4 in both. In brief, this means that all students falling below this will need to retake in college until they get there. We have put on a final flurry of revisions sessions so that all students, if they so wish, CAN achieve the Grade 4 in both. I look forward to seeing as many students as possible at these events over the coming weeks.


For the next five Saturdays and over half term, we are offering bespoke revision.
Details are available direct to Year 11 students.
Make the most and don’t miss out.

Finally, pictured below are ‘Students of the Week’ for April. I look forward to this time all week. Mrs. Humphris (my marvellous PA) carefully calculates who has got the most achievement points during the course of the week. I see these students personally and award badges. I also write home and students get a small chocolate reward. Rewards really matter at WCSA.


As always, thank you for your continued support in the community.

Miss Scott (Principal – WCSA)

WCSA Science fair by Mr Muhiddin, Deputy Head of Science

As you may already know, the WCSA science department annually hold a Year 8 science fair to promote the importance of STEM subjects and to showcase the wonderful talent our students have for science, technology engineering and mathematics. Students were required to enter one of four categories in which they could research the science behind a fascinating question, form and conduct their own investigation, construct a working design to model a scientific concept or to be an engineer and construct a product that could benefit the general public.

This year’s cohort of Year 8s did not disappoint and formed arguably the best science fair to date! ‘Absolutely outstanding’ were the words I heard several members of the Leadership Team say as they admired many of the projects submitted. From research into the effectiveness of soundproofing; bacteria cultures and renewable energy all the way to the construction of prosthetic limbs, trebuchets and disabled friendly kayaks. I was amazed by the quality of the projects produced and felt pride in the effort the students applied to their independent learning.

Taking students through to the second round of judging was a tough task for our science teachers, narrowing over 180 truly fantastic projects to just 50 finalists. These 50 students were given the chance to pitch their project several times to a multitude of judges including myself, Mr. Markoutsas, Mrs. Venn, science technicians and other subject teachers. They were asked some really difficult questions but their resilience and passion for their projects was evident and made it an even tougher task to select the final winners. After an hour-long judging process and many hard decisions the final winners and runners up of each category were announced!

1st place – Olivia Finch
2nd place – Lily Dunstone

1st place – Sophie Hillier
2nd place – Jacob Da Nobrega

1st place – Hannah Buxton, Keira Lambert and Grace Picardo-Ashworth
2nd Place – Georgia Sims

1st place – Emily Withers
2nd place – Charlie Balman

Massive congratulations to all the winners and runners up of the 2018 science fair. Your projects not only encapsulated everything that STEM subjects underpin but were imaginative, creative and unique in their own way. I would also like to say well done to all Year 8 students for your fantastic science fair projects. I can categorically say that this has been the best science fair to date!

Cengiz Muhiddin

Parental / Carer update – April 23rd 2018

WCSA Attendance by Mrs. Venn, Assistant Principal.

This week’s update from Worle is about attendance at WCSA. ‘Improving Attendance’ is one of our key priorities at our Academy and, as with everything, we like to celebrate those who get it right. I am sure that some parents reading this will have recently received a 100% attendance post card which is sent home termly. We have just sent out an amazing 649 postcards for Term 4. What an achievement! I know that some of you will have attended the Year 7 and 8 Celebration Evening. We also enter all students who have 100% attendance each term into a prize draw and there is an Amazon voucher of £5 given outin assembly. This is for each year group. There is also a prize draw for the student with the most improved attendance in each year group. We do this termly as we realise that people can occasionally need time off for a variety of reasons. The important thing is that everyone returns to school as soon as possible. Our school target is 96%.

We have recently launched our attendance ladder in school. This is now in student reception and in every classroom.


Attendance figures are shared weekly in tutor groups. I have heard quite a few horrified gasps from some studentswhen they realise how many days off they have had; a percentage can look good – if someone received 80% in a test they would be pleased. However, that equates to two months off school over a whole year!

Research clearly tells us that attendance and success are linked. 17 days off school leads to students receiving, on average, a whole GCSE grade lower in each subject.

We also need to think strongly about preparing students for life afterschool. We live in an ever competitive and commercial world. Frequent periods of absence are not tolerated and at work you could expect to be put on an action plan.

The same is to be said for punctuality. Students need to be in their tutor rooms ready to learn by 8:40 am every morning. They finish at 2:55 pm. Part of the rationale for this is to allow any routine medical appointments to take place after school.

Our new modular curriculum (9 week blocks) means that we now have a very tight and streamlined curriculum. As you know, this has been in response to the new GCSEs which include a greater range of content. Part of the student opinion / voice that we have conducted has shown that students can have concerns about returning to school as they feel they will have missed a lot. To combat this, we have introduced a welfare check. If your child has been away for three of more consecutive days our wonderful Student Services Manager, Emma Harvey, will visit them to check that they are OK and they know how to fill the gaps in their learning. We are also looking to introduce catch up sessions for students in Term 6. Watch this space. We are extremely lucky to have such a dedicated and committed team working to support the students.

Finally, we have one key initiative running this year which encompasses all aspects of a student’s learning. We are offering all students the opportunity to go on a trip (to be decided by a vote amongst the students) if they have:

• An average attendance of 98% (between 4th January and 31st May);
• Have over 80 positive achievement points (from 1 Sep to 31st May);
• Have an average effort grade of 3 or above on PS3.

Attendance is an area where it is hard to have initiatives that play to everyone’s strengths. All of us can need time off for one reason or another at some point. The attitude we are trying to instil in students is that they come back as soon as possible and arrive both at school and to all lessons on time.

We are always looking for new ways to improve so if you have any good ideas please do let me know.

Students only attend school for 175 days a year.

We make every single one count.

Thank you for your support.
Anna Venn

Curriculum Enrichment 2018

I am delighted to let you know that we will be having two curriculum enrichment days here at WCSA on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 July. During this time, Year 7 and 8 students will have the opportunity to engage in a number of different themed activities.

Read more Programme of Events

Welcome Back – Learning Cycle 3 - Week 7

Term 5 – Principal’s Update

Monday 9 April 2018

Welcome back to Term 5. I hope that everyone has had a really relaxing Easter with plenty of chocolate and not too much rain. I enjoyed a weekend in London where I was lucky enough to see the ‘School of Rock’. However, I can quite honestly say that the performance here by WCSA students earlier in the year was far better. I can’t wait for ‘Oliver’, which is our next production. I am looking forward to more guest appearances from staff.

Our staff and students have been busy here in school with revision for GCSE examinations. Mrs Mac (Head of Year 11) will be writing an update for the website about Year 11 and the support that we provide in the crucial run up to the examination period. Please do look out for this here on the Worle website. Even if your children are not yet in Year 11, I hope you get a feel for how much we do and how keen we are for our students to leave us with the best examination results they can achieve. Throughout the Easter break, we saw in excess of 200 students attend one revision session or another. Pictured below is one of the English sessions. Our support for our students is total.


As you will notice form the top of this update, we are in the seventh week of our third Learning Cycle. This is our first year of Learning Cycles (a modular curriculum) and I have been extremely impressed with the way staff and students alike have benefitted from this system. Mr. Markoutsas (Vice-Principal) and I will be doing a weekly student voice in Term 5 and 6 to evaluate successes of the system and to fine-tune as we look ahead to the next academic year. Earlier in the year, we were grateful to parents / carers who came in and took part in some parent voice to share views. Any parents who feel they have something to add or share should contact my PA (Tracy Humphris) here at WCSA and we will set up some sessions in Term 6.
Again – thank you for your great support.

Miss Scott



The Priory Learning Trust - Term T5 – April 2018 - Multi-Academy Trust update

Neville Coles – Executive Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

I like to write a short update to parents / carers at the start or end of each term – 6 per year. This is placed on our Facebook accounts and placed on all websites for all schools within The Priory Learning Trust (TPLT). Recently, we have received some very good news with regard to capital funding – please see below. We are also predicting some very good outcomes this summer for our children. Two new primary schools have joined the Trust and student numbers are strong. We are doing well. We continue to focus on improving facilities and getting excellent results for all students and families who are part of our Trust.

As you will be aware, our Trustees formally agreed for St Anne’s and Castle Batch primary schools to join The Priory Learning Trust (TPLT) back In February – both schools are in WSM. I am pleased to say that on April 1st both Castle Batch and St Anne’s became academies and formally joined our group, of now, 4 academies. Total student numbers are now at 2,387. It is planned that The King Alfred School, Highbridge (TKAS) and Pawlett Primary (nr. Bridgwater) join TPLT during 2018-19 – at that stage student numbers will be at 4,723. Clearly, staffing is now well above the 250-mark. Through having over 250 employees we have published our gender pay gap figures. We will continue to work on reducing any gender pay gap. However, I am very, very pleased to see we were well below the national average.


Both St Anne’s and Castle Batch are excellent primary schools. Both will bring much to the Trust and both will greatly assist with our transition programmes. A warm welcome to St Anne’s and Castle Batch schools and all parents / carers, staff, governors and children. The TPLT key aims are simply remembered by GO PLT; great Governance, great Outcomes, great People, Limited Growth and Team Building. All are equally important but, rest assured, we are absolutely focussed on outcomes for our children in our community – all 3,397 of them.

One of the reason why we are a MAT is to ensure that we are financially strong and can continue to provide our children with first class facilities. Some very good news, last week was the announcement of the national Condition Improvement Fund bids. This is an annual bidding process direct to central government for capital projects. The Trust received around £1,500,000 to spend on specific capital projects. I think I am right is saying that only 34% of bids were successful in this round. Well done to Martin Kerslake (our Chief Financial Officer) and all those involved with these lengthy and time-consuming bids. Clearly, we were again very successful.

This funding award is in addition to the current work which is ongoing at PCSA and also in addition to the WCSA new toilet project – ‘Water World’ which starts this summer.

PCSA Kitchen Refurbishment:  £62,397.00
PCSA Block ‘A’ Water Pipe Replacement: £268,335.00
The King Alfred School Roof Replacement (Phase 1): £1,159,100.00

The only unsuccessful bid was for further improvement to the WCSA roofs – this was for £952,056.00 – this will be appealed. We are very hopeful of success. WCSA had significant funding last year for roofing.

So – we are very pleased. We were also very pleased to see PCSA full with new starters at 300 new Year 7s for next year (there were 370 first choice applications) and Worle increased by 9% to be at 282 in the new Year 7 – great news.


Predicted results in our 11-16 secondary schools for this coming August are very, very encouraging. Staff and students in all years continue to work very hard and make good progress. As you will know we have introduced a modular curriculum system and simple homework routines are in place. It is worth noting again that we are now working towards a 5-year programme of learning involving 19 Learning Cycles at 11-16 level. Principals and school teams have communicated this approach at some curriculum evenings last month. Please be aware we have added a Director of Maths (Mrs. Goddard-Lock) and a Director of Science (Miss Criddle) to work across all schools in the Trust. During T5 and 6 we will continue to work on aligning our systems and processes. This will be especially true about what happens in the classroom and with our modular approach to the delivery of the curriculum. Groups of staff are already working on bringing together a classroom model and behaviour approaches in the secondary phase. Primary and secondary staff are already working together on transition. This type of work is a big part of being part of a MAT. There is no point to this work unless we focus it strongly upon student outcomes.

As always, can I encourage you to follow our schools on Twitter or on Facebook. However, can I please ask you to contact schools directly by e-mail if you need further information or have particular issues to discuss with our school leaders. We pride ourselves on getting back to parents / carers very quickly. Again, thank you for your support in this matter – social media is not the place to ask for answers to specific issues. Staff contact details are on TPLT website and on the individual school websites.

Best wishes,

Neville Coles – Executive Principal – TPLT – Neville.coles@priorylearningtrust.org.uk – Twitter – @nevillecoles 

Good luck with all preparations for exams 2018 – SATs, GCSEs and A levels.

Please do get in touch if needed.

Year 8 Options - RE and Core PE


If you’re a former student of Worle Community School, we want to hear from you!

Your experiences since leaving could help to motivate and inspire our current students to feel more confident
in making decisions about their future. We’d love you to join our alumni network and stay connected with the

We’ve partnered with the national education charity Future First, who specialise in helping schools like ours to
stay connected with their former students.

You can choose how and when you help – perhaps you can act as a career and education role model, provide
work experience, become a mentor in person or online, or help with donations, fundraising or even apply to
become a governor.

It doesn’t matter when you left us, whether you’re in further education or employment, whether you still live
nearby or have moved further away, there are still ways you can help.

In order to sign up, just follow this link and fill in the online form – we promise it will only take a couple of


Parents and Carers’ Update - Monday 5th March 2018

Mr. Commander – Assistant Principal with responsibility for teaching and learning writes…

Last Thursday, 1st March, brought ice, snow and the promise of 282 new Year 7 students to WCSA for September 2018. I am really looking forward to welcoming these bright new faces and helping them to become fully engaged with our school community. I would like to start this update by saying how pleased we are with the increase in demand for places at our school. Following on from Mr. Markoutsas’ news on the curriculum last week, this update will focus on broader aspects of the school life.

On a very basic level this will mean coming to school correctly equipped with a well stocked pencil case, PE kit, uniform and planner. These are the basic tools that every student will need to have for them get the most out of lessons and the school day. For both our new and our existing students, tutors check this at the start of the school day to ensure that students are ‘ready to learn’. Importantly students pencil cases should contain:

  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Two blue or black pens
  • Pencil
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Calculator

However, there is much more to school life than pencil cases! To give you a flavour of this I’d like to update you on some of the recent activities at WCSA.

Theatre Thursdays is a chance to see a variety of plays shown in the drama studio, giving the students an opportunity to see real theatre at school. Viewings will vary from past school productions, to professional stage musicals, productions from the National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company and many more. This is the programme for the remainder of this term:


The excellent Youth Choir is working towards a big performance of Vivaldi’s Gloria with Weston Choral and Ensemble Inspirita at All Saints Church on Saturday, May 12th. In addition to this combined performance, the Youth Choir will also be singing two items on their own. Please put the date in the diary.

Students of Spanish benefitted from workshops on 28th February to boost their confidence and get to grips with key vocabulary and structures in preparation for their speaking exams. All Spanish teachers from PCSA and WCSA were on hand to provide this excellent opportunity for students. After the workshops, students had typical Spanish food and music until the early evening, when the event came to an end with some Spanish karaoke. I left them to it rather than inflicting everyone to my very, very questionable singing skills!

There was a free book swap every break time last week in the Library. Students brought in books and swapped with friends to refresh their reading material. Thanks to Mrs. Sellers for organising this and for co-ordinating World Book Day events. Students were also given a £1 World Book Day voucher by tutors to mark the event.

Students who attended science club last week really enjoyed learning how to make ‘plastic’ out of milk. The strange substance that they produced may need to be refined a little further if it is to solve the world’s packaging problems, but it’s certainly a start! Mrs. Vellenoweth welcomes any new recruits to her afterschool sessions; please check with her for more details.

As a reminder in this cold weather, we welcome students to school in the morning in our Willow Café which serves a variety of hot and cold food from 8am. In the current cold weather this can get quite busy. We also offer a homework club in the Library after school until 4pm. Again, this is a very popular session as students can access IT facilities and get help with work and homework outside of lessons.

Some key dates and reminders for the next few weeks:

  • We have re-scheduled the options evening for Year 8 parents to the 15th March. This was originally due to take place on Thursday March 1st and was postponed due to poor weather.
  • Pre-public exams will take place for our Year 11 students on Monday 12th March. Please see the timetable below.


  • Year 9 options evening will be on Thursday March 8th
  • Evening Study School for Year 11 students will run on Wednesdays and Thursdays 1630 to 1830 during term time until further notice. Students should come to the Library to take advantage of a quiet study space. Please see the letter on the website for more details.

Do please contact me if you would like any information on any of the above. Meanwhile, thank-you for your support of our school.

Best wishes
Mr. Commander
Assistant Principal

News Report for the Opening Celebration of the Second Jill Dando News Centre

27 February 2018

Students from two Worle schools met one of the world’s most successful authors during the opening of their Good News Centre.

Jeffrey Archer launched the Jill Dando News Centre at Priory Community School in Weston, just months after Jill’s old school Worle Community School launched its own.

The centre will now see dozens of students find, write and publish the talents, successes and acts of courage and kindness of thousands of current and former students across the world.

The news centres are inspired by Jill who lived in Weston and became one of Britain’s best and most popular journalists before she died in 1999.

PCSA student Jack Branton, aged 13 currently Editor of the Jill Dando News Centre, interviewed Jeffrey.

Jeffrey said: “Jill was a very very fine lady with a wonderful career ahead of her, and it touches me that she hasn’t been forgotten and that so many people are here today to remember this great lady, because she deserves remembering. She was very special indeed.”

Pabalum Catering, Big Worle, Gould Signs, and PACE were some of the local organisations that helped out with the Centre.

Year 8 Options Evening - POSTPONED


The Curriculum at our School

Monday, 26th February 2018
Mr. Markoutsas – our new Vice-Principal writes about the curriculum here at WCSA

I would like to start my curriculum update by saying a big thank you to all of our students for their very hard work over the last two and a half learning cycles. These ‘cycles’ are the nine week teaching blocks or modules we use here at WCSA to structure the curriculum. Our students have been great with their day to day learning, homework and assessment.  I hope parents and carers are now getting the idea of ‘cycles’ and can see the changes bearing fruit. Recent student voice comments were very positive about this modular curriculum. Thank you for your trust and support. We have the full backing of The Priory Learning Trust in the matter. We are committed to further improving our students’ everyday experience and we would welcome any additional feedback. Let’s not forget we have come a long way in a short time – we are predicting some great Year 11 outcomes this year at WCSA.

A key priority for the next two weeks, besides the relentless preparation of our Year 11 students, will be the two options evenings for our Year 8 and 9 students.

Options model 2018-2021


Above (click on the image to enlarge it), you can see the options model for the next three years. Our Year 8 students will commit to three options and three years of Key Stage 4 studies. This will allow excellent preparation for their end of Year 11 exams in 2021.  Furthermore, we have designed a model, unlike students in the past, which allows students to take a variety of options.  For instance, students can opt to do two creative subjects if they wish or take the English Baccalaureate route. Equally important, we believe that our curriculum offers depth and breadth to our students with GCSE, BTEC, OCR Nationals and V-CERT qualifications, thus combining the academic with the vocational studies.  It’s safe to say that there is an appropriate subject combination for everyone. All exams will be taken at the end of Year 11.

Curriculum Routes

Depending on ability and flightpaths, our students will have to make options that will allow them to take the EBacc or the non-EBacc route. Students who want to go on to study in top universities, Russell Group, or study academic subjects such as law or medicine will need to consider the English Baccalaureate route very seriously.

Year 9 Options

The options for our Year 9 students are very similar.  Having already chosen 3 options in Year 8, our students in Year 9 will now have the opportunity to take a final one.  We want to honour the commitment we made last year to parents and students.  Again, the only change is the fact that all exams will now happen at the end of Year 11.  This will allow our students the best outcomes possible.

WCSA Curriculum Model – 2018-2021

Breadth and depth of curriculum and choice of options is at the forefront of every curriculum decision that we have made so far. However, the “GO PLT” outcomes ethos is very well represented in this model.  As part of TPLT MAT we are absolutely in line with student outcomes being our prime concern. We want our students to have the best life chances possible and this will come from strong outcomes.


  • Year 8 Options Evening, Thursday, March 1, 4:30-6:30.  Presentations in the Auditorium at 4:45 and 5:30.
  • Year 9 Options Evening, Thursday, March 8, 4:30-6:30.  Presentations in the Auditorium at 4:45 and 5:30.

During both evenings, curriculum leaders, subject teachers and the school’s Leadership Team will be available to answer all of your questions and guide you to the right options for your son/daughter.

Meanwhile, please do contact me with any queries you may have about our curriculum model and design – thank you for your support of our school.

Best Regards,
Mr. Markoutsas

Principal’s Update - Welcome Back to Term 4

Monday 19 February 2018
Learning Cycle 3 – Week 2

I would like to welcome you back to Term 4 at WCSA. Here at WCSA, we have enjoyed some time off, but have also been incredibly impressed with our Year 11s coming in to get ahead with GCSE revision (pictures below). I was chatting to one surprised parent who wondered why students have to come in over the holiday. I explained that they don’t; we simply want to offer these sessions so that students can make the most of the last ten weeks before the examination period. So, as long as students ask for this (more about this later in the update) we will be happy to oblige – we will always be happy to go the ‘extra mile’ here at WCSA.


As always, over half term, there are a few people who don’t get a break; the site staff worked tirelessly (in spite of the weather) to improve the site for students. When I tour the site with parents / carers I get many comments about the quality of our environment. Although WCSA will always be a traditional build, I personally think that it could not look any better now. We pride ourselves on the lack of litter and the new reception looks absolutely lovely. I am sure you caught up with the opening, a couple of weeks ago, in the Weston Mercury. We are particularly keen on classrooms being inviting and inspiring. Lots of window art, student artwork, signs and quotes can now be seen all around. Pictured below are some of the new additions added during the break.


In the update before half term, I wrote about the importance of coming to school every day. We have a dedicated attendance team who will support students to be in classrooms learning. I also mentioned an initiative for Year 10 that we are trialling. To recap the deal:

  • • In the first seven teaching weeks there are 35 days – we are asking students to attend for AT LEAST 33.
  • • Week 8 is assessment week – we NEED 100% attendance – all five days.
  • • Week 9 – super teaching week – all students in Year 10 who fulfil the above criteria will go on an afternoon reward trip – we are looking at Air Hop – for the subsidised price of £5 (this will include socks, travel and a bounce).
  • • If…. For any reason, a student is missing JUST ONE DAY, they will not lose out – there will be the opportunity to catch up this time to qualify for the trip.


Finally, I want to mention the ‘WCSA Evening Study School’. This initiative is aimed at our Year 11 students who would like a study space here in school in the lead up to the exams. We will open up the Library (LRC). This will be fully staffed on a Wednesday and Thursday from 4.30 – 6.30 pm from early March all the way through to the GCSE examinations. PCs will be available for students wanting to use Hegarty Maths and Tassomi (science). Although there will not be taught sessions – this is the purpose of P6i – if you feel that your child needs additional support or help, please contact myself or Mrs. Mac (Head of Year 11) and we will gladly find a tutor.

In the coming weeks, I have asked members of the Leadership Team here at WCSA to produce the weekly parent / carer update. This is to give a varied perspective on school life. I do hope you will enjoy treading them.

As always, thank you for your continued support in the community.

Miss Scott (Principal)

The Priory Learning Trust - Term 3 – February 2018

An update from Mr. Coles – Executive Principal

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am delighted to announce that this week our Trustees formally agreed for St Anne’s and Castle Batch primary schools to join The Priory Learning Trust (TPLT). Both are excellent primary schools within our town. Both will bring much to the Trust and both will greatly assist with our transition programmes in particular. A warm welcome to St Anne’s and Castle Batch schools and all parents / carers, staff, governors and students. Therefore, from April, there will be four schools within our Trust and, as such, there will be 3,397 children within TPLT family. The TPLT key aims are simply remembered by GO PLT; great Governance, great Outcomes, great People, Limited Growth and Team Building. All are equally important but, rest assured, we are absolutely focussed on outcomes for our children in our community – all 3,397 of them.

Next term is a crucial term as teachers and support staff will put in place even more support for all our students who are taking exams this summer. I hope you will understand that Year 11s take absolute priority for a period of time. We have introduced even more 1-1 support at Year 11 level this year, including some additional home tutoring support for some students. Predicted results for this coming August are very, very encouraging. Staff and students in all years continue to work very hard and make good progress. The modular curriculum system has now been established and very simple homework routines are in place. We are now working towards a 5-year programme of learning involving 19 Learning Cycles. Principals and school teams are communicating this approach at some curriculum evenings next month. Please be aware we have added a Director of Maths (Mrs. Goddard-Lock) and a Director of Science (Miss Criddle) to work across all schools in the Trust. They have been especially focussed on more able students. This support is in line with our Trust aim to ensure ‘no student is left behind’ and all student make great progress from their starting points.

On Thursday, March 1st we will know exact numbers of new students joining the Trust this coming September. We already know that PCSA’s first choice applications are up by 9% and WCSA’s first choice applications are up by 14%. This is very good news and will allow the Trust and its schools to continue to be financially strong. One of the reasons to form a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is to protect our schools in turbulent financial times.


10 places now filled.

10 additional staff members will be working across the Trust next year …

Can you assist in publicising this opportunity?

The Priory Learning Trust (TPLT) Teaching School Alliance has a further 23 teacher training places for September 2018.

Train as a teacher from September 2018?

Director of TPLT – chris.sherring@priorylearningtrust.org.k

Degree is needed.

Again, can I encourage you to follow our schools on Twitter or on Facebook. However, can I please ask you to schools directly by e-mail if you need further information or have particular issues to discuss with our school leaders. We pride ourselves on getting back to parents / carers very quickly. Again, thank you for your support in this matter – social media is not the place to ask for answers to specific issues. Staff contact details are on TPLT website and on the individual school websites.

Thank you for your continued support of The Priory Learning Trust (TPLT). Both Priory and Worle break for the end of Term 3 this coming Friday, February 9th. We return on Monday, February 19th for Term 4.

Best wishes,

Neville Coles – Executive Principal – TPLT – Neville.coles@priorylearningtrust.org.uk – Twitter – @nevillecoles

Principal’s Update – Attendance

Monday 5 February 2018
Learning Cycle 3 – Week 1

This week I want to write about attendance. We really thank you for all your help in ensuring our students attend as often as is possible.

This is on my mind as I was reading about how the Aussie Flu / Winter Sickness Bug – call it what you will – has affected so many people across the country and especially our region. Of course, it is always the old that suffer the most when they face this sort of illness. However, there has been a record amount of illness amongst school-aged children (both primary and secondary) nationally. I know, from personal experience, that my son struggled to eat his Christmas dinner this year and showed little interest in his presents (unheard-of!) as he was bed-bound for most of the holiday period. I am glad to say he is much better now. Thankfully, as I pen this update, I can hear the sound of bird song and, walking around school, I can now see the crocuses and snow drops pushing through the hard ground. Spring is on its way, the cold snap is passing (slowly) and with it, hopefully, all the nasty germs and bugs. It’s time to live again.

I know that, once a student has had some time off, it is harder to get back into the swing of things; it’s easier to take another couple of days to recover. So, with the sick season behind us, we are keen to support students to achieve 100% attendance in Learning Cycle 3 – that is a 9-week period. If you are one of the fighting fit reading this, then we are keen to recognise and reward your attendance. Keep reading – we are going to pilot our new incentive program just with Year 10; Mr. Amestoy (Deputy Head of Year) told students about this in assembly on Friday. We will roll the scheme out to all students for Learning Cycle 4 – if we think it is working.

Here’s the approcah:

In the first seven teaching weeks there are 35 days – we are asking students to attend for AT LEAST 33.

Week 8 is assessment week – we NEED 100% attendance – all five days.

Week 9 – Super Teaching Week (catch up week and plugging any gaps in learning) – all students in Year 10 who fulfil the above criteria will go on a reward trip (we are looking at Air Hop – Bristol ) for the subsidized price of £5 (this will include socks, travel and a ‘bounce’).

If…. for any reason, a student is missing JUST ONE DAY, they will not lose out – there will be the opportunity to catch up this time to qualify for the trip.

I hope you like the idea and can see we are determined to reward attendance. We are keen to reward our students as they are truly a great bunch of young people. I do not say this lightly, as I have worked in many schools here and abroad. WCSA students really are outstanding in many ways. If you think we could improve the idea – please e-mail, phone or send me a note.

We do publish attendance weekly by tutor group (see below) and we share data with students individually. Please also have a look at the attendance ladder in this update – it certainly does make fascinating reading.



As always, thank you for your continued support in the community.

As you may have seen in the local press and League Tables the Worle results have significantly improved over the last 12 months. We are very optimistic about results in 2018. Soon we will be able to announce exact student numbers joining WCSA in September 2018. I can tell you that first choice applications for our school from Year 6 students / families are up by a massive 14%.

Miss Scott – Principal WCSA

Year 8 Options

Current Year 8 students will make option choices this academic year. We will have an options evening on Thursday 1 March from 4.30 – 6.30 pm. There will be a presentation in the restaurant where we will explain the system. Following this presentation, subject teachers will be available to give information, advice and guidance. All GCSE examinations will be sat at the end of Year 11 (Summer 2021).

Olympic hopeful quizzes her gold medal winning hero James Cracknell during the official opening of a new state-of-the-art school reception.

30 January 2018

Worle Community School Year 8 student Olivia Finch, aged 13, has been interviewing Olympic Gold Medal winner James Cracknell in her ambition to be in the Olympics and as a human biology scientist.

The ambitious student has been winning her own gold medals in swimming – with her latest medal a Gold in the 50m butterfly in a Bristol competition.

Her interview happened during the opening of WCSA’s new state-of-the-art reception. It is the latest exciting development at the Academy which is part of The Priory Learning Trust.

Olivia, who reported on the launch for the Jill Dando News Team, plans to be a scientist after realising the effect of muscles, fitness and exercise on the human body during her swimming competitions.

She has won top girl in a swimming gala 13 year olds, and swims for Weston in the County Competitions, as well as Hockey for WCSA.

James told her this week a range of tips to encourage Olivia to a lifetime of success.

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “Olivia is an excellent student with big ambitions and was able to glean some top tips from an Olympic champion. This new reception looks excellent.”

Executive Principal of The Priory Learning Trust Neville Coles said: “James Cracknell went down extremely well and was brilliant with the students. We are delighted to see such a fabulous reception now officially open for use.

“The fantastic work done by Mark Antoine as the new Academy Business Manager at Worle is first rate – the site is now looking great. We aim next year to provide even better toilets and in the medium term to seek funding to further improve Worle sporting facilities.”

Principal’s Update – Learning

Monday 22 January – Learning Cycle 2 – Week 8 (assessment week)

This week, I want to reflect upon learning here at WCSA. We have come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Parents / carers have been instrumental in making Worle great again. I am delighted to tell you that we have 14% more students / families choosing WCSA as their first choice of school next year. We can announce this news with exact numbers formally on March 1st.

We met eight of our Year 7 students last week and asked them about homework in learning cycle 2. We had a very interesting and informative hour, and as a result of what they told us, we have asked our staff to do the following:

  1. We will issue new plastic wallets to all students. Well used wallets are full of holes and falling apart.
  2. Students want to be told when the homework is expected. For example, if I teach Year 9 maths four times a week, it might look like this: Monday – I let Year 9 know that they need to complete homework 3. I tell them they have three days and that we will take in the work Thursday in class. On Thursday, I put up the answers as part of my silent starter. Students mark. I log students without completed homework. Although we do have homework timetables, students are asking for these clear instructions; it helps them.
  3. Teachers will MARK or ACKNOWLEDGE that homework has been completed. We saw some booklets where homework had been completed but there was no acknowledgment of this. Remember – students can peer or self-assess, but teachers will check for completion.

Personally, I love to see the work that students complete in their own time. I will be sampling ten homework folders per week and seeing what your children are up to! Unfortunately, I cannot see all 1,450 homework folders, much as I would like to. When I do look at a folder, I will make sure that I write home to you with a comment so that you know that this monitoring has taken place. If you would like me to look at your child’s homework folder, I would be more than happy to do so – please just drop me or my PA (Tracy Humphris) an e-mail. We really do want to go the ‘extra mile’ at WCSA.


Finally, I just want to add a quick note about coming onto our site. Between the hours of 8 and 4.30, all access will be through the Redwing Drive Entrance. This is for safeguarding purposes and so that we know which parents have been in and out during the school day. We will, of course, have the @Worle gates open between 2.50 and 3.15 pm daily so that students can go home this way. I hope you will have seen the improvements we have made over the last year at WCSA to our site. More to come!

As always, thank you for your continued and on-going support. I am always delighted to chat to parents on the phone, via e mail or in person. Please do make an appointment with my PA if you would like to know anything, discuss anything or come in and see anything.

Miss Scott – Principal

Principal’s Update - Monday 15 January (Learning Cycle 2 – Week 7)

15 January 2018

This week, I want to talk about changes that have taken place here at WCSA. We have updated our restaurant. We have replaced the old and tired furniture with benches (pictured below). Each bench seats 8 students. At the moment we are waiting for another four benches to be delivered as we are a few seats short – these will be here soon. We know that students prefer to sit outside, which is great – there are covered areas which are available on all three lunches. We always try to keep the field open as many of our students like a run around. I am aware that this means muddy trousers and shoes at times, and I apologise if this creates washing in some households. Needless to say, we are all looking forward to the brighter, warmer weather! 

Staying with lunchtimes, you may be aware that your children can buy their lunch either in a recyclable cardboard pot or on a plate. Although the cardboard pots are recyclable, it would be better for the environment if we could use plates – particularly as the plastic knives and forks end up in landfill. In fact, plastic usage is quite a hot topic right now and we are committed, as a school, to reduce the use of plastics. So, starting this week on B lunch, food will need to be eaten from a plate in the restaurant. This means that students will need to remain in the restaurant to eat their food. We will still be serving take away food from the Food Cube, so there will still be the option to eat outside. We ask that students scrape their plates at the clearing station. Of course, this takes more effort that simply putting a cardboard pot in the bin. However, we have the environment to think of and ask that students work with us to look after the world we live in. We will review the idea at the end of the week.

In terms of changes – homework, curriculum, the way we do things here at WCSA – we are really keen to hear your views. We will be e-mailing you a short survey and it would really help us if as many of you as possible could take the time to fill it in. In the event that you do not receive a survey, please do e-mail admin and we will get one sent to you. I would like thank you in advance for taking the time to do this.

There will be curriculum changes for current Year 9. I am not going to write about these in detail here, but you will be receiving a letter. In addition to this letter, we are going to put on an information evening for parents – this is not on the school calendar, so please make a note of Thursday 8 March to find out more about the changes to curriculum.

Finally, I am really looking forward to meeting Year 11 parents tonight (Monday 15th) at our information evening. All subjects will be represented and staff available to answer questions. It really is a good opportunity to find out about the new GCSEs – only Maths and English graded 9 – 1 last year, now all GCSEs are moving over to this system. The changes can be confusing at first. We have talked a lot to students, so now is your opportunity to find out more. Following the information session, there will be a session in the auditorium where we will talk to you about study skills. Weston College will also be available to talk about post-16 options. You are very welcome to come to all or part of the evening. We have written to parents, but if you still need further information, please do contact us here at the school.

Please remember that The King Alfred School (TKAS) at Highbridge are joining the Trust this coming year and we’d like students to consider that option for an excellent school-based Sixth Form. More information again will be on websites and coming out soon.

Key Upcoming Dates:

Monday 22 January (all week) – Week 8 Assessment Week

Thursday 8 February – Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Thank you, as always, for your continued support. We break up on Friday 9 February for half term. Then we have another five weeks and break up earlier than many other schools in the country (Friday 23 March) – so please do make the most of cheaper holidays to be had at this time.

Miss Scott

Principal’s Welcome Back

04 January 2018

Happy New Year” and welcome back to Term 3 (Learning Cycle 2, Week 5). I hope that you have all had the chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones over the Christmas and New Year period. Personally, I enjoyed time catching up with friends and family.

We had a very busy and hugely productive Autumn Term and it was lovely to relax and recharge, but now we look ahead to Term 3. As you will have ready already, we are half way through Learning Cycle 2. This means that assessment week will start on Monday 22 January – not long. Feedback from students and parents / carers last term suggested that students found the assessments stretching. This is a deliberate strategy; the new GCSE examinations are now very much more assessment heavy. We want all our students at WCSA well prepared for GCSE. So, it is worth thinking about planning in some revision and recap of work over the coming three weeks. This should ensure that students are well prepared.

As always, we are having a keen focus on attendance this term. We thoroughly enjoyed our Year 7 and Year 8 celebration evening before the holiday. To qualify for this, students needed 100% attendance. We will be running a similar evening at the end of Term 3 for our Year 9 and 10 students. It is always an absolute delight to celebrate success; please do make sure that your son / daughter can be part of this event.

Although I do not want to wish the term away, I would like to remind you that we break up for Easter a week earlier than other schools in the country (Friday 23 March). This does mean that holidays will be much cheaper in this first week – I am looking forward to a week in the sun myself as there are some veritable bargains to be had. I will return relaxed and refreshed and ready for the Y11 EASTER REVISON SCHOOL which will run from Tuesday 2 – Friday 5 April. Personally, I think that the hard work Y11 put in during the Easter Revision School last year paid huge dividends in August results.

As always, please do pick up the phone or drop me an e-mail if you would like to come in to discuss anything at all. Your feedback is valuable and helps us to improve what we do here at WCSA.

All the best for a happy and healthy 2018 – thank you for your great support.

Please do follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook community.

Miss Scott – Principal

Latest Newsletter - Autumn Edition

Principal’s Update – Charity

Monday 11 December

Learning Cycle 2 – Week 4

This week, I want to talk about charity. As you know, Term 2 is charity term. I have been completely blown away by the imagination, creativity and generosity of students here at WCSA. In this week’s update, I am going to share some of the highlights from our charity term. I would just like to remind you that the charity we will be supporting this year is Macmillan.

Pictured below are Josh and Shay who raised over £100. These two superb Year 9 boys spent their weekends taking photographs around Weston-super-Mare and using computer skills, including photo-shop; they produced some beautiful 2018 calendars.  These were sold at ‘The School of Rock’ production as well as around school.  Our Executive Principal, Mr Coles, bought at least one I know.  They would like to say a big thank you to Matt Barnes who helped with the printing. It is certainly worth keeping a look out for more photographs on the boys’ Facebook page – Weston super Mare Photography.


There has been lots on sale around school, which has helped with the Christmas shopping. Miss Harris’ tutor group (below) spent last week selling Christmas decorations and treats – everything was handmade. These included angels to go on the tree, as well as festive keyrings.


The WCSA charity work has extended beyond the school day. Last Tuesday saw the Carol Concert at Milton Baptist Church, which was in support of Macmillan. I was lucky enough to get a seat in the front row and, as always, was impressed by the talent. Over 70 WCSA students performed – this included traditional carols, solos and modern variations on the classics. Music is exceptionally strong at our school.


Finally, lots of students (and parents / carers) have been working hard in their own time to make homemade cakes for break time bake sales. Lauren raised over £10, selling 50 cupcakes that she managed to transport into school – we assume without tucking into any!

Looking ahead at dates for your diaries:

  • Christmas Concert – 13th December 2017 (evening)
  • Wear your Christmas jumper to school – Tuesday 19th December 2017 (money raised will go to the School charity)

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

We break up on Tuesday 19 December at 12.25 pm.

This will be Christmas Jumper Day – please do bring a donation for MacMillan.

Miss Scott

Principal’s Update – the Information edit

Learning Cycle 2 – Week 3

Monday 4 December

This week, I want to talk about information and arrangements for the last few weeks before we break up. It’s the time of year when we will report to you, the parents, about how well your children have done during their time with us since September. Reports have been prepared and will be posted home next week. The aim of the report is to give you as much information as possible in an easily accessible format. Once you receive the report, if you have questions, or if it doesn’t make sense, please do get in touch with us here at WCSA. Your child’s form tutor should be your first port of call. As always, I am more than happy to talk to parents – please contact my PA – Tracy Humphris – to make an appointment.

Once the reports have been sent out to you, I will greatly enjoy taking a more detailed look myself. Our superb Heads of Year will recommend to me students who have done particularly well. I will be writing home to these students personally. It will take me about a week to get through them all and once I have done, I will post letters out. We call these letters the “Praising Stars” – you (and your child) should be really proud if you do receive one of these – please do keep them and celebrate success. To be very clear these letters are based on EFFORT not attainment. We really value effort at WCSA.

Now, everyone loves to count the sleeps until Christmas. Some students may be counting the sleeps until we break up (parents possibly not). So – please be aware that we break up on Tuesday 19 December at 12.25 pm. During the morning, our very own WCSA choir will be treating each year group to a festive performance. Hot food should be bought at break as the restaurant will be closed by lunchtime. This will be our CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY. We look forward to seeing students in a selection of jumpers in return for a £1 charity donation. There will be a prize in each year group for the most original jumper – this will be chosen by Heads of Year. I have my special Rudolph reindeer jumper ready!

Talking of charity, your children have done fantastic work fundraising this term. Pictured below is Grace Upwood who encouraged us to select Macmillan for our charity. She did an amazing job selling cakes that she had made herself. We always enjoy a good bake sale here at WCSA – personally I have been enjoying homemade cakes all week. Mrs. Rand’s Year 7 groups raised over £50 at Year 10 parents’ evening. Watch this space and we will publish charity totals.


As the term comes to an end, please do look out for our Christmas mailing. We have spent a lot of time putting together our termly newsletter/ magazine. You will get three of these per year – now, and then one in the spring and then again in the summer. There is lots of information about what has gone on here at WCSA since the summer. In the mailshot, you will also find Work Experience Information (Year 10 students) and Maths papers (Year 11 students).

We return to school on Thursday 4 January at normal time – 8.40. We will have our new reception open by then. Please can I make you aware that we break up for Easter on Friday 23 March. This is again a week earlier that most schools in other counties across England. In brief, this means that holidays will be much cheaper. For this reason, we will run our Year 11 Easter Revision School during the second week of the holiday – from Tuesday 3 April – Friday 6 April. Please do save this date if you are a Year 11 parent. Here at WCSA, we believe that a lot of the 2017 GCSE examination success was due to the extra work that students took part in.

Lastly, some really great news. I am very pleased to tell you that first choice applications to Worle are up by a massive 14% for entry to our school for 2018 Year 7 entry. We are absolutely delighted. This is a great reward for the hard work of our staff and students over the last 18 months. STUDENTS FIRST – it is very likely that for the first time in some years Worle School will be full with 300 students joining us at Year 7 level in September 2018. PROUD OF WORLE.

Looking ahead at dates for your diaries:
• Christmas Carol Concert at Milton Baptist Church – Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 7pm
• Christmas Concert – 13th December 2017 (evening)

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.
Miss Scott

Principal’s Update

The School of Rock edit
Monday 27 November – Learning Cycle 2 – Week 2

This was the week that we had all been waiting for; the School of Rock. Anticipation had been steadily building since February, when the first rehearsal took place. Anticipation turned to impatience as we saw snippets of the show in assemblies in the run up to the opening night. Rehearsals had turned into weekend sessions, including half terms and after hours practices. This was a group of individuals determined to give us, “Nothing But The Best.”

And so, on Wednesday, the show opened and ran for four nights (including a Saturday matinee). I was lucky enough to get tickets for both casts – Thursday and Saturday. What struck me the most was the fact that, in effect, I saw two different shows; two entirely different stories even! For those of you who saw both casts, I am sure that you will agree with me, that they brought their characters alive in completely unique and individual ways. The attention to detail (Lewis constantly picking bits from the sole of his shoes) and the mannerisms (Archie referring to every student as “child”) to the ad-libbing (Mr. Sneebly, I need a wee…. Josh just couldn’t last any longer). WONDERFUL STUFF.


This talent was not reserved for the main parts. Patty was created equally spectacularly (and bossy) by both Rhianna Tester and Alice Grant. Brilliant singing voices kept coming and coming. Mrs Miller was keen to explain, from the outset, that students were not miming but playing instruments. I am sure the School of Rock will have not only raised a laugh, but launched a few musical careers.

Those were the students; the WCSA teachers turned out and raised a laugh – Mr. Oakwood was game for having half a bottle of water expectorated into his face. No Vacancies opened the show and clearly set out the musical expectations for the evening. They provided a solid backtrack, with the help of Mrs. Mac and Maisy Slingsby.


Finally, I was impressed with the number of students who came along to cheer on and support their peers. The cast themselves acknowledged the many hours put in by Mrs. Davies, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Burlinson to make the show possible. At the end of November, I can certainly say that this was an excellent way to spend a few hours at WCSA.
Thank you for your continued support as we raise outcomes at WCSA and also ensure we provide a multitude of wider opportunities.


Pictured are some of the cast and staff who were involved in the School of Rock.

Looking ahead at dates for your diaries:
• Year 10 Parents’ and Carers’ Subject Evening – Thurs 30th November 2017
• Christmas Carol Concert at Milton Baptist Church – Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 7pm
• Christmas Concert – 13th December 2017 (evening)

Jacqui Scott
Principal – WCSA

Parents / Carers’ Update

‘Discretionary Effort’ – Andy Buck

Monday 20 November – Learning Cycle 2 Week 1

This week in my update, I want to talk about all the extra things that go on in and around school; all the extra effort made by students, staff and parents. Pictured below is Mr. Oakwood with one of his Year 8 creative writing class. He was so impressed with the effort that the class put into their work, that he sent me an e-mail with all of their names on to be congratulated.


We have talked a lot about our new modular curriculum and the homework booklets that go alongside it. I was delighted that parent / carers gave up their time last week to review the next set of booklets with Mr. Commander and Mr. Markoutsas. On the whole, the parents feel that we are moving in the right direction with the improvements to the booklets, which include a clearer indication of when homework is due in.


As you know, Term 2 is charity term. Pictured below is Charlotte in Year 8 with her Macmillan coffee morning kit. We have decided to support a cancer charity as so many of us have friends and family whose lives are affected by this terrible disease. All form groups are aiming to raise £100 over the course of the year. Friday break time saw a candyfloss sale from Mrs Worthy’s Year 11 group. I would imagine that they are well on the way to achieving their target already.


Finally, I want to mention the netballers. Mrs. Rhian was delighted to report that the Y9 team (U14) won their group in the area round of the national school’s netball competition, held at Clifton College. Although they lost the semi against BGS and went into the third place pay off, they face Clifton College and won again! This means that the girls are now through to the county round this coming weekend. Mrs. Rhian is rightly very proud of these girls and we are very proud of WCSA Team PE.


Looking ahead at dates for your diaries:
• “School of Rock” (whole school production) – Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th November (including a matinee on the Saturday).
• Year 10 Parents’ and Carers’ Subject Evening – Thurs 30th November 2017
• Christmas Carol Concert at Milton Baptist Church – Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 7pm
• Christmas Concert – 13th December 2017 (evening)

Parents and Carers’ Update - Number 6

A Week in the Life of your Child

Monday 13 November 2017 – Learning Cycle 1 – week 9

The second favourite part of my job is walking round the school to see what happens in the classroom. My favourite part is to take a parent with me. I genuinely believe that students at WCSA are taught by a highly talented staff. If you would like to take a walk with me, please do get in contact with my excellent PA – Tracy Humphris. However, next best is last week in pictures.
As you know, last week was assessment week. Our new modular curriculum has four learning cycles. The culmination of each cycle is assessment week. Students sat an assessment in each curriculum area. I am fully aware that this is a lot of work and pressure for students – however, we are doing our very best to use the five years to fully prepare for an examination series which is knowledge intensive. As I walked the school this week, I saw students engrossed in assessments or prepping for assessment. The change at WCSA over the lasr year or so has been immense in terms of attitudes of staff and students to achieving the very top grades.


I always enjoy my walk through the creative subjects. It reminds me that, even though we have high academic expectations, there is plenty of time for students to express the creative sides of themselves. I enjoy seeing the amount of individual attention students receive in DT classes, which have much smaller student numbers. As I walk through art, I am constantly on the lookout for art work to display and be proud of around school.



Over in the music department this week, two students (pictures below) invited me to listen to their string quartet. Samantha Woolley and Charlotte Doswell (both Year 9) have composed a really amazing piece of classical music. Once completed, it will be performed by Bournemouth String Quartet. Suffice to say, I am very much looking forward to getting an invitation to this event.


As it was Remembrance this week, Mrs. Rand (Head of History) asked two of our Year 7 students to lead assemblies. They did an amazing job, telling the sad story of Jack and his friend George who lied about their ages to sign up for WW1. As the story unfolded, George died and Jack returned home at the end of the war; changed forever by what he saw and did. I was personally incredibly moved by this assembly. Lest we Forget.


Then, on Friday, we observed a two minute silence around the school. This was marked by The Last Post – played by Year 11 student Grace Linfield on her cornet.


Finally, I must remind you that we reward effort weekly with “Student of the Week”. This is my personal favourite time of the week, when students come up to see me to receive a badge and some chocolate. I always write home to parents so that they know how pleased we are as a school. Pictured below are last week’s “Students of the Week”.

Well done – you are a credit to the school and to your families.


Upcoming Events
Thursday 16th November at 4pm – GCSE results certificate collection
Friday 17th November – Non Uniform Day
Wed 22nd – Sat 25th November – School Of Rock (whole school production)
Thursday 30th November – Year 10 Parents Evening

Jacqui Scott
Principal – WCSA

Parental/Carers Update - Number 5

The Curriculum

Monday 6 November 2017 – Learning Cycle 1 – week 8

This week, I would like to talk about our new modular curriculum.

Our evening last week was really well attended – thank you for coming along to find out about how we teach your children here at WCSA. For those of you who were unable to make it, I would like to dedicate this week’s update to a brief summary of what we talked about (as well as a couple of additional bits on reporting assessment information home to you the parents/carers).


To start with, we must emphasize the new GCSE and its overarching focus on knowledge acquisition. The old A* – C grading system has been replaced by numbers 9 – 1. Indeed, many of you may have seen the article in this week’s Mercury about the new system – it showed the great progress at WCSA in the last year. Currently, we are working on the assumption that a grade 4 is a C grade equivalent, with a 5 being a strong C. We are aiming for all our students to achieve at least a 4 and most a 5+ in all subjects. From our point of view, here at WCSA, we have designed a curriculum which will support students getting as much knowledge as they can over the five years with us. In turn, this will enable them to sit GCSEs with confidence when the time comes.

To do this, we have introduced a modular curriculum: we have 4 learning cycles of nine weeks which run throughout the year.

The homework booklets sit alongside each learning cycle – thank you for your feedback and support with homework.

So, as you will see from the title of this update, we are in Learning Cycle 1 – Week 8. Week 8 is the assessment week across the school. Hopefully, your children will have been talking about this over the weekend and revising for their assessments which are taking place this week.

Once the assessments are marked, next week is ‘super teaching’ week. This is the time that will be used to re-teach anything that was misunderstood. At the same time, we will report home to you using our ‘Praising Stars’ system. Before the end of Term 2, you will have received a copy of your child’s ‘Praising Stars’ data report. This will detail how well they have done in the assessments, as well as indicate to you how much effort they have put in. Then, the week beginning Monday 20 November, Learning Cycle 2 will start, and so it happens all over again.
This is the theory. In practice, I walk the school daily to see it in action. Pictured in this update are a Maths class and a phonics class, both taken in week 7 – so lots of assessment prep is going on.


Finally, I would like to remind you that we reward effort weekly with “Student of the Week”. This is my personal favourite time of the week, when students come up to see me to receive a badge and some chocolate. I always write home to parents so that they know how pleased we are as a school. Pictured below are last week’s “Students of the Week”.


Thank you for your great support.
Jacqui Scott
Principal – WCSA

The Principal’s Update - Welcome to Term 2

Monday 30 October – Learning Cycle 1, Week 7

In this week’s update, I would like to welcome you back to Term 2; I hope that you all had a lovely two week break. I have received a number of comments from parents who appreciated being able to get a cheaper family holiday. Given the popularity of the extended half term, we plan to repeat this again in October 2018. Dates will be available on our website as soon as they are confirmed.


Personally, I enjoyed some family time (my son Theo is pictured here), as well as making the most of visiting some schools – near and far – where lessons were still going on. I often update you about my walks around WCSA and what I see going on in our classrooms. So, one of my favourite things to do is to see how we compare to other schools. I can safely say that what I saw on my visits was interesting but also thought provoking – WCSA teachers really are talented and do offer great learning opportunities on a regular basis.

During the half-term I visited a “free school” in Wembley Park, known as The Michaela. I have been interested in a lot of their work for some time. In particular, their focus on knowledge acquisition. I often talk about how broad the reformed curriculum has become and how important it is to learn and remember information. Indeed, our homework push has been about doing exactly this. Interestingly, students at Michaela do two hours of homework a night. Personally, I think this is too much, but I am always open to hear parents’ thoughts on the matter.


Another part of our Teaching and Learning drive has been our Modular Curriculum. You will notice, from reading the top of this update, that we are still in ‘Learning Cycle 1’, now in Week 7. This means that next week is “assessment week”. We have talked to our students a lot about our learning cycles – the year is structured around four ‘cycles’. However, if you as a parent/carer would like to find out for yourself the logic behind the modular curriculum, how it is structured and what students can expect in the classroom, then please come to our information evening this week:

Thursday 2 November @ 5.30pm
Modular Curriculum Information Meeting
In the auditorium – refreshments available after the presentation

Thank you for your great support
Jacqui Scott

WCSA is proud to present Andrew Lloyd Webber's School of Rock with two fantastic casts fondly dubbed Led Zep and AC/DC.

29 October 2017

This irresistible new musical is based on the iconic, hit movie with Jack Black, which follows Dewey Finn, a failed, wannabe rock star who decides to earn an extra bit of cash by posing as a supply teacher at a prestigious prep school.

There he turns a class of straight–A pupils into a guitar-shredding, bass-slapping mind-blowing rock band. But can he get them to the Battle of the Bands without their parents and the school’s headmistress finding out?

This show is described as “a big hearted show. Loud and cheeky, a feel-good experience with a hint of anarchic wildness”

Come and see the students of Horace Green “stick it to the man” in the attempt to make their parents finally listen to their future hopes and dreams.

Tickets are £6 each available on ParentPay and from the WCSA finance office.

Principal’s Weekly Update for Parents / Carers

Monday 9 October
Learning Cycle 1, Week 6

This week, I want to talk about celebrating achievement in the community, which started last Wednesday with the Sports Breakfast. Mrs. Britton did a fantastic job organising this event for parents and students, in order to recognise sporting excellence over the year. There were awards given for netball, rugby, football and cricket, as well as the presentation of the prestigious sports colours ties. The breakfast celebration was well attended by you – the proud parents and grandparents.



On Thursday, we celebrated achievement with our annual Awards Evening on the Grand Pier in Weston. I was delighted to see so many of our ex-Year 11 students return to receive awards. Judge David Ticehurst gave a really motivational talk and the student leadership team did a great job compering the evening. As always, Naomi Blower and Steph Buttery did us proud with some solo performances. I was particularly delighted to see Huw Pearce receive three awards – his examination results in August put him as one of the highest achieving students nationally. For those of you who don’t know, Huw got three Grade 9s and 7 A*s – we are very PROUD of all our students.


Friday afternoon is my regular “Student of the Week” slot. At the moment, we are rewarding students for the highest number of achievement points in each year group. However, this week, we rewarded some students (see below) for contribution to the community. A member of the public e-mailed me direct to say how a group of WCSA students had cleared up some spilled charity bags. On being given £10 as a reward, they would not take the money, and returned it back through the letterbox. As I said to the students on Friday, I am really proud of them – this is exactly the sort of behaviour and attitude we want from our students.


Finally, Saturday saw our community breakfast for our Year 6 students still making up their minds where to come to secondary school. It was also Steve Spofford’s final fling as Restaurant Manager, as he has now left us for pastures new. The morning was a great success with a “School of Rock” rehearsal in the auditorium. Once again, we were able to showcase our fantastic music achievements. The Year 9 student leadership team were a great help clearing up plates and trays. All in all, it was a very successful morning.

It just falls to me to thank you for in the community for celebrating success with us this week. I am lucky that there are so many things to celebrate here at WCSA. To catch up with even more “good news” stories, take a look at Facebook and Twitter. And, if you have a story or have witnessed some great things from our students, please do let me know (as many of you already do).

Please also remember we have the October break starting on Friday 13th. This is a two-week break and we return to school on Monday, October 30th.

Miss Scott

Slides from the Parents, Carers, & Students Careers Information Evening

A FORMER Worle Community School student is high-flying in the world of retail with a series of promotions.

05 October 2017

Josh Selby is now managing his latest McColls store after two promotions in two years.

Josh finished Worle School in 2008 with 9 GCSEs A*- C and then completed 4 A-levels in Communication and Culture, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Sociology.

Alongside university studies, with gifts in talking to people, training and teaching, he has been continually promoted at the national shop chain McColls – and this month is celebrating yet another promotion.

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “We are very proud of Josh and his achievements.”

Please get in touch if you know of other ex-students achieving great success across the world www.facebook.com/worlecommunityschool

Principal’s Update - Homework at WCSA

Monday 2 October – Learning Cycle 1, Week 5

This week I would like to talk about homework. Here at WCSA, we are really proud of the work that teachers have put in to produce bespoke homework booklets for all classes. As I walk round the school, I see folders with homework on tables as a regular feature, alongside pencil cases and planners. This is a fantastic start to any lesson as it means that learning time can be maximised.

If you are a parent of a student in Years 8 – 11, you will recognise the homework booklets used in maths, and will probably notice that we have now used this format for all of our other subjects. Homework at WCSA is a simple booklet based system.

If you are a new Year 7 parent, you will just notice that your child has up to eight homework booklets in a plastic wallet. This is a new system across the school. We are centralising homework so that we can see, across all subjects who is doing what. This will allow us to chase up students not doing homework, as well as rewarding students who regularly complete homework to a high standard. We believe that homework is a very important part of what we do at WCSA. We certainly think it will help greatly with the more demanding GCSEs now in place – there is a great deal more knowledge to learn.Of course, with any new system, there will always be things to improve upon. So, as we have had the system in place for a month, these are the (slight) changes to note for Learning Cycle 2:

  1. Subject teachers will check homework (not form tutors)
  2. Homework will be checked by the subject teacher the lesson after the due date.
  3. Peer marking will only be used for knowledge (i.e. right/wrong answers) – teachers will take in and mark homework testing skills or with extended written answers.
  4. Please do expect lots of knowledge type homework – the new curriculum requires students to commit knowledge to memory a lot more.
  5. Homework will have an R (research) or C (consolidation). So, sometimes, students will need to go onto Google and find out things that may not have been taught on class – please let us know if you do not have access to the Internet at home.
  6. If your child does not complete homework, we will phone or e-mail you. They will complete a detention on the FOLLOWING day. This is your chance to clear up any confusion and talk to us about why homework may not have been completed (if you feel that you need to).

Please be aware that every evening at WCSA we offer HOMEWORK SESSIONS – staffed in our library so students could leave school at 4.15 with some homework completed!

We do hope that this simplifies things. I am particularly proud of our new system as it ensures that all students have access to high quality learning outside of the classroom. We have spoken to a lot of parents / carers to get to this new set of guidelines. Many of you have given freely of your time to help us to get this absolutely right. I am a great believer that we can always tweak and improve, so always contact us here at the school in the first instance.

Finally, here are two photos from our annual ‘100% Attendance Evening’ which we held last Tuesday. I think that it was probably my favourite evening to date, as it was fantastic to reward students who come to school come rain or shine, aches or pains. We do acknowledge that sometimes students have illnesses which necessitate time off school but we still feel we should reward our 100% students. We will be rewarding more success on the Pier this coming Thursday at our AWARDS NIGHT and I will write about that in next week’s update.


Lastly, a reminder that for all Year 5s and 6s we have our COMMUNITY BREAKFAST MORNING this coming Saturday, October 7th at 9.30am – please do come along to see WCSA and meet our staff in an informal morning. Hope to see you there – please be aware it is not an Open Morning but Year 5s and Year 6s will be able to familiarise themselves with our site ready for transfer to WCSA in September 2018 and 19.

Thank you for your great support

Miss Scott

The King Alfred School (KAS)

You may be aware that The Priory Learning Trust (The PLT) have been asked to work with The King Alfred School (KAS) in Highbridge.

KAS is a 11-19 schools with a sixth form that is growing rapidly.

This Thursday evening, October 5th, at 6pm there is an information at KAS about joining ‘KAS SIXTH’ in 2018.

If you have not previously looked at KAS SIXTH why not come along this Thursday to hear the KAS team talk about the results and choices that KAS can provide.

Principal’s Blog 2017 -18

Number 2 – Monday 25 September 2017 – Learning Cycle 1, Week 4

Open Evening and More

Last week saw one of our biggest events of the year. On Thursday, over 300 families came along to WCSA to see what goes on here. Our students did us proud. We started the evening with a fantastic solo from Naomi Blowers. Our Year 11 student leadership team spoke with confidence and clarity to the Year 6 children and their parents / carers. We were then able to offer guided tours of the school and I have been inundated with praise for our tour guides. I have personally written home to parents as I think they should be proud of their children – we are proud of them.


Around school, there was plenty to see, do, taste, hear, try and learn. From students setting their hands alight in science, to a medieval apothecary, modern day book doctors, cookies and cakes to sample, maths problems to solve, specialist SEND information, un peu de francais  and sport for everyone and Mr. Coles trampolining was a site to behold – trust me! There really was something for everyone. Our student buskers performed for the evening and the burgers were popular with everyone – Steve and his team produced 650 of them! I have thanked our staff and students for the huge amount of work they all put into making Open Evening 2017 such a success. Personally, I was keen to share examination success (14% increase on last year) and the staff and students really did demonstrate how we achieve this. If, for any reason, you know anyone who missed out, please do encourage them to get in touch with me here at WCSA. I am more than happy to offer additional tours during the day.

Not only was Thursday the Open Evening, but we saw the official opening of our Jill Dando Centre. This is our good news centre which aims to promote WCSA students’ achievements across the school and wider community. Named after Jill herself who came to Worle School and tragically died 20 years ago. Jill’s brother Nigel has been very interested in the work that we do to promote journalism and we were delighted when he was able to open the centre for us. Pictured below are some of our great young reporters.


Once again this week, I have been delighted to celebrate with our high fliers. I have written to the five parents of the students who achieved the most amount of positives in each year group again this week. The students came up to see me on Friday morning and have a badge to wear on their blazers. Pictured below is Evie Dolphin who is holder of the greatest number of achievements points in the school to date. Evie currently has 74 positive achievement points. It is, of course, quite possible that this amount will have been exceeded as you read this blog. So, we will be awarding another five badges on Friday.


If you like what you read and see, perhaps you would consider becoming a WCSA Academy Councillor (Governor)? Our Academy Council is the equivalent of the governing body – the group of people who support and challenge an Academy. I am lucky to have an incredibly supportive and helpful AC. However, we are keen to expand. If you are interested, please do contact me here at the school: jscott@worle-school.org.uk

Finally, if you would like to come to one of our homework booklet workshops (Year 7 Parents) these will run directly after “Catch up with the Tutor” on Thursday 28 September. Catch Up is from 3.30pm and the workshops will run from 5 pm.

With thanks, as always, for your support and encouragement.

Jacqui Scott
Principal WCSA 

The Principal’s Blog - Celebrating Our Success

Monday 18 September 2017 – Number 2

Our second full week back at school and this week’s blog is all about celebrating success.

I have written to the five parents of the students who achieved the most amount of positives in each year group. The students came up to see me on Friday morning and have a badge to wear on their WCSA blazers.

Pictured below is Bradley Ellam who is holder of the greatest number of achievements points in the school after two weeks. Bradley currently has 51 positive achievement points.

It is, of course, quite possible that this amount will have been exceeded as you read this blog. So, we will be awarding another five badges next Friday. Again, I will make sure that I write to parents so that you know that your son / daughter has done exceptionally well here at WCSA.


This week sees us launch the student leadership team here at WCSA. Each year, at the end of Year 10, we interview students for the prestigious positions of Head Boy and Head Girl and their deputies. This year, the competition was incredibly tough. We had over 20 top quality applicants. After much deliberating, Mrs Mack and I were able to announce:

Josh Clay as Head Boy
Daisy Game as Head Girl.

Their Deputies are Josh Chilcott and Dionne Meintjes (all pictured below).


The student leadership team will play a key part in the direction of the school over the next year. As well as supporting us with marketing and publicity, they will attend leadership team meetings monthly. I have charged the team with investigating attitudes of students in lessons as their first job.

I would also like to mention some very successful visits to primary schools that I made this week. Teaching a Year 7 Maths class myself, I have been impressed by the mathematical ability of our students. So, it was interesting for me to go down to some of the primaries and chat to the Year 6s and their teachers. Our Trust mascot, Percy PLT, came along with us and answered some of the questions that the children had.


We are looking forward to seeing the Year 6s at our Open Evening on Thursday 21 September from 5 – 8 pm. Please do let your friends and neighbours know that we will be showcasing our school and do encourage them to come along. Everyone will be very welcome.

Finally, I would like to thank you the parents for supporting us with our new homework system. This is brand new and I am aware that we are likely to make some changes after the first cycle. We have had lots of comments from Year 7 and are keen to action these.

Please do note that while we are getting the system up and running, students will not be penalised for non-completion of homework. In the long term, I feel very sure that you will be pleased that your children are getting regular homework that supports knowledge acquisition. The new GCSEs are very much testing knowledge – what do students know in an examination situation. Our homework booklets make sure that students can practise over and over the sorts of things that they need to commit to memory.

If you would like to come to one of our homework booklet workshops (Year 7 Parents) these will run directly after “Catch up with the Tutor” on Thursday 28 September. Catch Up is at 3.30pm and the workshops will run from 5 pm.

With thanks, as always, for your support and encouragement.

Jacqui Scott
Principal – WCSA

The Principal’s Blog to Parents/Carers

Keeping you informed of events at WCSA

Monday 8 September 2017 – Number 1

Welcome to my Principal’s Blog. I will be writing this weekly for the WCSA website. The aim is to further improve communication with our parents / carers and students. Every week, I get questions, comments and suggestions from parents, students and the local community. I will use this blog to discuss common themes arising, as well as sharing our success. You will know how very pleased we were to see the results of the school improve by 17% this last year – there is now much more to do but I am delighted to lead our rapidly improving school and want to further improve our communication weekly.

Thank you for your support.

Our big push this term is “Ready to Learn”.

This means three major things:

Have full uniform and wear it with Worle pride – no boots – a phenomenal effort from WCSA students in Week 1. Everyone looked really smart. Please do keep this up all year! A few shirts slip out during the day. Each week, I shall be compiling a list of the students who are the “top ten un-tuckers” and asking parents to support us in keeping shirts tucked in and looking smart. Be a tucker not an un-tucker!

Be equipped with a pencil case and the appropriate pens / pencils. I have no complaints here; in fact, as I have walked through many lessons, I enjoy seeing the variety of pencil cases on show!


Be in possession of a homework folder with all homework booklets for the learning cycle. All students should have the full set of homework and folders by tomorrow.

We will be running an evening on Thursday 2 November from 5.30 – 6.30 to thoroughly explain our new PLT ‘modular curriculum’ which is made up of four learning cycles. Please do come along. In the meantime, we are happy to answer any questions via e-mail or through form tutors or heads of year. I know that many parents are keen to know how their children are progressing.

Our first set of reports will be posted home at the end of November. However, subject teachers are always happy to discuss progress if you drop them an e mail.

In terms of events coming up, please note the following dates:

Thursday 21 September – Open Evening from 5pm (please do tell friends and neighbours – Year 6s)

Tuesday 26 September – 100% attendance evening – by invite to celebrate our students’ fantastic attendance in 2016-17

Thursday 5 October – Annual Awards Evening – to celebrate the best ever WCSA examination results (top in the town on the 9-5 measure) and congratulate our Year 11s for their hard work achieving these.

Saturday 7 October – Family Breakfast for those families thinking about joining us.

Friday 13 October – break up for TWO weeks – some fantastic deals to be had on holidays.

Jacqui Scott

"Catch up with the Tutor" Evening for Year 7

Thursday 28th September from 4 – 4.45pm – “Catch up with the Tutor” Evening for Year 7 parents.

No appointments – just an informal session where form tutors are available should you have any questions a month into secondary school.

5pm – Homework Booklet – workshop available.

Homework & Curriculum Changes

I am writing to you early in this new school year to inform you of some important changes to our homework and curriculum system at WCSA. Teachers have worked hard last year to re-design the way in which the curriculum is organised and assessed. Our new modular curriculum structure will underpin the learning and assessment in all subjects throughout the school year. There are also changes to the way in which we set and check homework. This means that our system for ensuring students are ready to learn will be further embedded.

Read more (download)

Free School Meal Applications

North Somerset have replaced the old free school meal (FSM) paper application forms with an online checker. Parents will have to apply online and will get an instant decision on eligibility. If successful, the system will generate a confirmation that parents can then print off and give to the school. Where parents do not have printers, Worle can accept either an email (admin@worle-school.org.uk) or by coming into school and showing the confirmation to the admin office on a smart phone.

The FSM entitlement only lasts for one school term. This means parents will have to apply every term break (so 6 times per year). You will need to apply for each child individually as the online checker creates a system code for each child.

The new checker can be found at www.n-somerset.gov.uk/fsm. This is the only way to apply for FSM. If you have not applied already this school year you will need to do so immediately, and again every holiday, otherwise the free school meal cannot be allocated to your child.

Reminder: PE Kit

Please remember that all students need their PE kit, even if they have a note.

Welcome Back to WCSA

04 September 2017

Welcome back to a new school year. This year is the year to think about 61.4 reasons to smile. We start with the GCSE examination results which came out at the end of August. Year 11 did themselves and their families proud. I am sure that there was much celebrating in Weston on Thursday 24 August. 61.4 % of students attained both English and Maths at grade 9 – 4 – the so called ‘basics’ measure. This means that we are the second best school in Weston on this measure – Priory gained 67%. If you compare this to last year it is a 17% increase in results. WOW. For the 9 – 5 measure, we come out top – yes top. This is simply a great testament to the hard work and resilience of students and staff, in the face of reformed GCSEs and so much unknown. There are very few students in the country who can claim to have passed ALL of their GCSEs with the top grading of 9 or A*. Our very own Huw Pearce can make this claim and we are extremely proud of him.

It’s not all about examinations of course. I chatted to a lot of parents about timetables and provision and getting the right option choices. I do hope that everyone is happy with what we have in place for the new school year (if not, please get in touch with me directly). I am excited about our new staff – we made some excellent appointments in the summer term and a couple more staff were recruited over the summer break. So, we open our doors fully staffed. We have our cover teaching team in place, should someone fall sick, so that we can avoid supply agencies and unknown faces for our students.

Personally, I have always looked forward to lunchtime here at WCSA, largely due to Steve Spofford in the Willow Restaurant who cooks us all our lunch. In a bid to encourage students to enjoy a healthy lunch, through a joint contract within the Priory Trust we have reduced the cost of a meal to £1.70. This will buy a hot meal and a pudding. There are also vegetarian options and oven-cooked jacket potatoes are always on offer. I have worked in a number of schools and can honestly say that you would have to travel far and wide to find a school chef much better than Steve. All biometric fingerprints have been redone but there will be additional opportunities on Monday to do this.

Listening to parents, I am aware that you would appreciate even more communication. So, every Friday, I will post on our Facebook page and also on the new-look Worle website, key messages for the week ahead. Please be aware that we will happily reply by e-mail but cannot reply personally on Facebook. The main communication channel is through our e-mail system and we will get back to you quickly. Mr Coles is insistent on quick communication so please also e-mail him if you need help.

Coming up, please note the 100% attendance Celebration Evening on Tuesday, 26 September. We have our Open Evening on Thursday, 21 September – please share that date with friends and neighbours. This will be followed by a family breakfast on Saturday, 7 October. I know that many of you have attended one of your family breakfasts this last year and enjoyed getting to know us. We do have the two-week half term break this Autumn. School will finish on Friday 13 October for two weeks, and holidays home and abroad are much cheaper during the first week.

Finally, we have again improved our approach to teaching and learning. All students will be provided with homework booklets and folders. It is an expectation that these are carried at all times. Please do support us with this. We have also introduced a modular curriculum – learning cycles every 9 weeks. This will help with the new demands of GCSEs. Essentially, we have divided the year up into four learning cycles. We would like to tell you more about this and are currently planning an information evening. I will publish the date for this early next week.

I look forward to seeing students on Monday at 8.40, smart and ready to learn.

Thank you for your great support in 2016-17.

Jacqui Scott
Principal WCSA

WCSA students achieve best GCSE results ever!

9-4 English and Maths at 61.4%. Well done to all students! We are proud of you.

Start of Term Message from Mr. Coles - Executive Principal

02 September 2017

Thank you for your great support during the course of the school year 2016-17. We hope you have seen the GREAT improvement in GCSE results. The main results went up by 17%. Staff are delighted and we hope parents / carers and the students are pleased. There is more to do but this is fantastic news.

We are very pleased to see 280 new students joining the school at Worle this September. This is very good news for us all, as it helps the financial picture greatly to be full with students. We are just 20 students away from this at Year 7 level, but even so, 280 makes Worle the biggest school in WSM. THANK YOU.

Please do encourage anyone you can to join the school at WCSA. We are extremely pleased to say that some students, who were intending to leave at the end of Year 9, to join the local ‘Free School’ have now decided to stay at WCSA – again this helps the school and our plans going forward. We are planning to develop the student toilets facilities and the sporting facilities at Worle but need the school to be as full as possible to fund these projects. This will happen as quickly as we can make it happen – please do visit Worle at any time to see the changes we have already made to toilets, classrooms and the site. We actually did quite a lot of refurbishment in the summer to the site – do visit at any time.

We have a new business manager at Worle (Mark Antoine). Mark has done a great job over the summer with our superb site staff. Over the break we fitted a new roof to the mathematics block and completed the external painting of the entire school. We passionately believe in a tidy, litter-free and welcoming school. The Worle site team are fantastic. I hope you have noticed a brighter feel to the school in the last year. In October (start of Term 2) the main reception, with our wonderful main receptionist Carol, will move to the very front of Redwing Drive so parents, carers and students will not have to go to the middle of the site for reception. The old reception area will become a brand new ‘Student Services’ zone as part of the new Jill Dando Centre. You may be aware that during this term the administration / Student Services / library block is being renamed The Jill Dando Centre in honour of probably our most famous ex-student, Jill Dando.

On the note of ex-students … we’d like to hear from any ex-student who can provide us with a photograph to inspire students. We are creating ‘walls of success’ going back over the years. PLEASE do not be shy and please help us by sending any e-mail or photographs to acrowther@worle-school.org.uk.

Miss Scott (Principal) and the whole team at Worle did a great job last year. This year we aim to further improve communication. One simple step will be that Miss Scott will be writing a weekly communication message to all parents / carers and students. This will appear each week on our website at Worle and it will also be posted on social media – both on Worle Facebook / Worle Twitter @worleschool. There will also be a new homework system. Both these initiatives are much needed. We spent a great deal of time last year improving staffing levels and improving student behaviour last year. We will now introduce a ‘modular curriculum’ with four simple progress reports per year (we had three last year) with an end of school written report from a tutor. Miss Scott will be holding information evenings in Term 1 to explain the modular system. Details will be on her weekly communication message.

All Worle key dates will be published on our website and posted here again (please share) to help you over the course of the school year. This will be especially useful for the issuing of progress reports and for parents’ evenings.

Please do understand that you can contact the school by e-mail at any time. That is the route to WCSA staff – not through Facebook.

• We have our annual Open Evening on Thursday September 21st. Please can you help publicise this evening to any Year 6s parents that you may know. We welcome your support.
• A quick reminder – we have a two-week October break starting after we break on Friday, October 13th.
• The Willow Restaurant will be refurbished over the October break alongside Reception’s move. Meal prices from this September have been reduced with an upgraded biometrics system in place.
• There is now just one tie at WCSA. The house tie may still be worn but the traditional while striped tie used at Y7 level is now the main school tie. We will continue, and even extend, PE ‘colour’ ties, school badges for our blazers and ambassadors / prefects ties of different colours.
• We will consult this year (following some parental feedback) about a summer uniform. If we do anything this will just simply be an optional WCSA polo shirt foerms 5 and 6. Thoughts on this are welcome by e-mail to MIss Scott.

Our very top priority remains to ensure that all our students are happy and safe at Worle and they get outstanding exam results.

Thank you for your super support.


Neville Coles
Executive Principal
Twitter @nevillecoles

Visit the PLT website

Welcome back to the new school year.

We start on Monday 4 September at 8.40 am (apart from Year 7 who will be with us on Friday 1st September from 8.40 – 11am).

Please can I remind you of uniform basics:

No trainers or boots
No jeans
No facial piercings – clear studs should be used
Maximum two studs per ear (no hoops)
Blazers to be worn
Hair colour to be natural

Please e-mail Miss Scott (Principal) if you have any questions before the start of term.

YEAR 11 students from Worle Community School – an Academy - are celebrating after achieving a brilliant set of GCSE exam results.

24 August 2017

The school has seen a remarkable turnaround in fortunes from results in previous years – including a huge increase of 17% to 61% on their GCSE ‘basics’ grade 9-4 English and maths measure.

The headline measures for the percentage of students gaining grades 9-4 in English and maths is 61% and the percentage of students gaining grades 9-5 in English and maths is 36%.

Amidst a host of excellent results, some 61% of students gained a pass or above for English, 74% for English literature and 68% for mathematics, which will be recognised by colleges and employers in the future as the equivalent to the previous good grade ‘C’.

More excellent results and improvements were across the majority of subjects, including business studies, drama, design technology, French, geography, history, ICT and computing, science and Spanish.

Along with students all across England and Wales, students at WCSA sat new-style reformed GCSEs in English, English literature and mathematics, which are graded on a 9-1 scale.

Several students gained grade 9s, the highest new grade available, which shows achievement in the region of the top 1% of students nationally.

Students collectively gained a total 365 grade 7, 8, 9, A* or A.

Some individual success stories include Huw Pearse who gained 3 grade 9 and 6 A* grades and Olly Cunningham who gained 2 grade 9, 1 grade 8, 3 A* and 3A grades.

New WCSA Principal, Jacqui Scott, said: “These results are an indication of just how hard both Year 11 students and staff at Worle Community School have worked in the last year.

“I am thrilled to see the smiles on the faces of so many of our dedicated young people.  I would like to wish our students every success for the next steps of their education and careers.”

Neville Coles, a National Leader in Education and the Executive Principal of both PCSA and WCSA through The Priory Learning Trust said: “It is great to see both schools in North Worle now doing so well. This year has seen significant changes in the exam system which has produced big challenges for students, staff and parents.

“We are delighted with our outcomes and we will improve again next year. It is worth remembering school is not just about exam results. We are absolutely committed to ensure that at both Priory and Worle we continue our very long tradition of sport, drama, music and trips – such activities are a very important part of what good schools do. We thank parents, carers, governors and all in our community for the great support.”

Parent Feedback

We warmly welcome feedback from parents at any time.

Please click here to complete a questionnaire.

EX Worle deputy head graduates from top university

31 July 2017

An ex Deputy Head Girl of Worle Community School has just graduated in Sociology from The University of Leicester.

Evie Kirkham left WCSA in 2012 after being deputy head girl in her final year.

Now she has graduated and is about to embark on a Masters Degree in Social Work at Birmingham University.

With hobbies including playing the flute, surfing, working out, gym and running, she is also aiming for a career in Social Work.

WCSA is a high-performing school that encourages students to be high-achievers in their chosen career.

Please get in touch if you know of other ex-students achieving great success across the world www.facebook.com/worlecommunityschool

Latest Newsletter (Summer 2017)

2017-18 Tutor Groups

Click on the table below to enlarge it.

Worle student blazing a trail in his cricketing career

11 July 2017

INSPIRATIONAL Worle student is setting the cricketing world alight with some scintillating performances for the county team.

Year 10 WCSA student Jack Press has been selected to play cricket for the Somerset U17 Development squad this week after a string of impressive displays.

A highlight of his time with Somerset was touring Sri Lanka, playing at their international stadium in Galle where he opened the batting and scored 76.

For Weston, he played against the All Stars Lashings team which included Alfonso Thomas, Charl Willoughby, Simon Jones and Yasir Arafat.

This week he is taking time out from his work experience at Yeo Moor Primary School – where he will be supporting their sports coaches.

Jack started playing cricket at Weston super Mare cricket club at the age of 7 and started playing in the U11 team from then on.

He played his first adult game aged 11 and last year he made his first team debut at the age of 14.

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “A massive well done to Jack. We are extremely proud of him and his achievements.”

Worle students producing world-class writing, with 194 being published in a new book.

30 June 2017

Students at Worle Community School are producing world-class writing, with a staggering 194 students selected to have their work published in a new book.

WORLD CLASS: (Left to right) World-class Worle writers Alice Parker, Madeline Breingan, Abigail Taylor, Alicia Gibson and Alyssa Townsend.

The year 7 and year 8 students won through out of 18,000 entries nationally to have their work published in the ‘Wonderland-Somerset Sagas’.

The competition was organised by Young Writers, a company dedicated to running national competitions for creative writing.

Head of English, Gemma Harris, said: “This is incredible success for the students. Well done to them all and we are so proud.”

WCSA is run by the exceptional The Priory Learning Trust which also runs PCSA.

Pastoral Structure changes

As from September 2017, the following Pastoral structure will be in place:

Head of Year 7 – Mrs J Pratlett
Head of Year 8 (Current Year 7) – Mr N Whittaker
Head(s) of Year 9 (Current Year 8) – Mrs S Jackson and Miss J Millar
Head(s) of Year 10 (Current Year 9) – Mr S McLeod and Mrs M Lewis
Head(s) of Year 11 (Current Year 10) – Mrs G McLorinan and Mr L Symiakos.

Over the coming weeks, these members of staff will be starting the process of working in these year groups so preparatory work can be done and Year Heads can get to know their students for September.

Please ensure any correspondence is directed to the correct Year Head.

Thank you

Worle student plans life-changing trip to help elephants in Bangkok

08 June 2017

Worle Community School student Megan Atkinson, aged 16, is fundraising for an elephant-helping expedition to Bangkok, Thailand next year.

Megan has had a life-long dream to save elephants and is now raising £2000 for the trip with WCSA cake sales, car washes and other events.

The sanctuary she will be based at helps to prevent extinction in elephants, moon bears, sun bears, primates and birds and rehabilitates them after they are abused.

With the support of WCSA and PCSA-based local young people non-profit group ‘The Weston Eagles’, she plans to host more events which will allow her to achieve her dream.

She said: “I can’t wait to travel to Thailand and help with some animals that have been hurt.”

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “Megan is an inspiring young lady and we are right behind her plans.”

If you would like to support Megan, please email Katie@WestonEagles.org.uk

Worle student excelling in the world of martial arts

A WORLE Community School student is excelling in the exciting world of martial arts.



Year 7 student Debbie Sander is achieving awards and commendations for her flourishing skills.

In her first year aged 7 in the sport she won student of the year and has since continued to achieve excellent things – becoming an instructor in Tiverton to younger people a year later.

She also assists the head instructor with the younger classes.

Debbie is currently training towards her next grading which will be a 4 hour panel grading on the 22nd of July.

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “We are very proud of Debbie and all of her successes and achievements.”

WCSA students learn golf skills from two professional players

STUDENTS of Worle Community School are being inspired and trained by professional golf players in a new partnership between the Academy and Weston-Super-Mare Golf Club.



The students were encouraged and given coached by professionals Dan Toogood and Bethany Popel in an after-school Period 6 project backed by Golf England.

WCSA believes in inspiring students to high-academic performance and also to learn a rich variety of other skills including music, performing arts and sport.

WCSA teacher Oliver Finch said: “Our students are loving learning golf. The professional have been teaching them how to swing correctly, how to chip and how to putt.

“The after-school club has had an extremely positive uptake from all age groups and will hopefully provide students with a gateway into the game.”

DOZENS of 'heroes' from WCSA have been rewarded with leisure centre prizes, certificates and ice creams for their inspirational acts.

26 May 2017

DOZENS of ‘heroes’ from WCSA have been rewarded with leisure centre prizes, certificates and ice creams for their inspirational acts.

In sweltering heat, students at Worle Community School were commended by Principal Jacqui Scott and Executive Principal Neville Coles for their heroics.

The Priory Learning Trust are partnering with Hutton Moor Leisure Centre to give prizes for ‘heroes’ including family swim tickets, children’s basketball lessons, cycle workout classes, and other healthy activities.

Students have been demonstrating exceptional acts of kindness, courage, and other character and attitude traits. They have also been raising money for charity, and excelling in sport.

Jacqui said: “We are so proud of all our students. A massive well done to each and evhero1e. We love to celebrate achievement at WCSA.”

To nominate a student hero email editor@priorylearningtrust.org.uk

WCSA students produce stunning choir performance to sell-out audience

10 May 2017

TALENTED students at Worle Community School have produced a stunning performance in the Worle Youth Choir.

A sell-out packed crowd were treated to a spectacular production of Karl Jenkins’ The Armed man: A Mass For Peace, at Worle Community School.

Worle School Youth Choir and the Shine Drama Group joined Weston Choral and live orchestra Ensemble Inspirita.

This week the students were congratulated by Principal Jacqui Scott and enjoyed celebratory cake.

They produced a wonderful evening singing performance at the weekend at the school, with the audience showing their appreciation and many reduced to tears.

Based at Worle Community school, the choir is open to young singers in the area aged 13 and over and regularly sings abroad.

Miss Scott, who attended the event, said: “The students were absolutely magnificent! They produced a wonderful performances with energy, confidence and huge talent. We are very proud of them.”


GCSE grades in England are changing


Starting with English and maths, GCSE grades in England will be graded from 9 to 1. Find out more:

Our Maths Revision Website of the Month - Corbett Maths!

Ski Trip 2018

Thank you for pupils who have handed in reply slips for the 2018 ski trip. Names have been added to parentpay so parents can secure their childs place by paying the deposit. There are still spaces available, speak to Miss Gibbins for a letter/info.

OfSTED Update

ofstedPlease click here to download a copy of our most recent OfSTED inspection.

This inspection lasted for two days in November 2016 and was undertaken by three inspectors. The report is from Simon Rowe (One of Her Majesty’s Inspector of schools – HMI). As you will read it is a very good summary of the progress made at Worle in recent months.

Well done to all staff and students. We sincerely thank all parents and carers for your great support.

Please do read the report. A paper copy will be sent out later this week with our winter newsletter.

Miss Scott – Head of School

Our Maths Website of the Month - Mr Barton Maths

A treasure trove of free maths gems for pupils of all year groups, teachers and parents!

Click here to find out more.

Latest Tweets

A WORLD performing arts success who started out at Worle has returned back to inspire current students.

18 July 2017

Josh McTaggart has now set up The Bunker theatre and bar in London, after an incredible career starting as a student at Harvard University – one of the world’s best academic institutions.

He returned to his former school Worle Community School – 10 years to the day since he left. He now plans to come back for further sessions and to bring students back to his theatre.

He inspired current students including Joshua Clay, 14, and Rhianna Tester, 15, to be high achievers in their fields.

Josh said: “It is wonderful to be back. Worle Community School helped me to launch out and to go for my dreams.”

After leaving WCSA, Josh studied for 5 A Levels before attending a summer programme run by Eton School. He then received funding to study at Harvard.

He directed 12 plays at the University while studying history – one of the youngest ever directors.

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “Josh really is an inspiration and it was wonderful to hear his story and for him to inspire our current students.”

Enthusiastic students at Worle Community School excel at reading

05 July 2017

Enthusiastic students at WCSA have read every one of the books shortlisted for an international award.

The WCSA students are part of the Carnegie Reading Group who read all eight shortlisted books in the Carnegie Book Awards for 2017.

The CILIP Carnegie Medal is awarded annually by Chartered Institute of Librarians and Information Professionals for an outstanding book for children and young people.

The Students each had a Carnegie Booklet in which they could keep a record of the books they had read, and give each one a rating.

WCSA is a high-performing school that puts reading at the very heart of everything it does. The school is part of the inspirational Priory Learning Trust.

Librarian Kay Sellers said: “The students really engaged with these books which were all top-class reads. Reading is so important for every subject at our school.”

WCSA students in stunning sporting success

26 April 2017

WCSA male and female students have taken a break from their intense GCSE revision by both stunningly making both Somerset county cup football finals.

Inspirational Worle Community School students are on course for fantastic GCSE results this summer as they prepare for great careers.

But both boy and girl Year 11 football teams have taken a break from their hard work with staggering performances for their football teams – to incredibly BOTH be in their respective Somerset county cup finals.

They have been celebrating with cake at the school along with Principal Jacqui Scott, and Executive Principal of The Priory Learning Trust, Neville Coles – who oversees both WCSA and PCSA.

The girls team will now play Frome who could be crowned the best in Britain in their age group.

WCSA Principal Jacqui Scott said: “We are so incredibly proud of all of them. Students have been working incredibly hard for their GCSEs and so to both get to the final is a terrific success.”

Paula Radcliffe style ambitious winning Worle cricket star also aiming to win sprinting gold for Team GB in 2024 olympics

24 April 2017

With a personality and academic performance akin to athletics superstar Paula Radcliffe, Year 10 WCSA student Georgina Goodwin also has a glittering sports career ahead of her.

She is the only student from a state school to be selected to play for the elite Somerset U15 county Cricket team.

And as a brilliant runner, she also is aiming to run the 100 metres for Team GB in the 2024 Olympics

Alongside her talents in these two sports, she is the captain of the U18 Weston Netball team and also excels when she plays Football, Hockey and rounders and more.

She is also a determined and disciplined student – just like Paula Radcliffe who achieved a First Class Degree at the University of Loughborough and also became Britain’s women athletics captain and a world record holder.

Georgina has come through adversity after failing to gain a place in the Somerset cricket set up last year. Her hard work has paid off with her selection this year.

All this comes as WCSA, which is on the road to becoming an outstanding school, is bidding to build a £2.4 million sports centre in the future, to further help unearth new talent like Georgina.

Georgina said “Sport is my passion. I want to be able to represent England and Great Britain in as many sports as possible. My biggest ambition is to go to the olympics and represent Team GB in the 100 metres sprint.”

Parents increasingly choosing Worle after exam boost, Ofsted comments and other positive changes

03 April 2017

WORLE Community School is on course for excellent GCSE results, just weeks after being given a positive bill of health by OfSTED bosses and joining The Priory Learning Trust.

WCSA is now using the motivational praise and student tracking, smaller class sizes and other tried and tested rigorous exam preparation and teaching methods that have secured partner school PCSA as one of the highest performing around.

In December, OfSTED inspectors praised WCSA for its safe atmosphere and fast-improving environment for learning – prompting an increase in local parent interest in putting their children into the school.

Head of School at Worle Jacqui Scott said that GCSE results are in line to be excellent this year with also significant sporting and music success in recent weeks.

She added: “With OfSTED’s very positive comments in November and significant changes inside the school, things are moving ahead in a very, very positive direction.

“We were absolutely delighted to see 260 students and families choose WCSA for a September start. We have another 20 places still left that we can fill for September.

“We have received several recent requests after parents have seen the Academy changes – we became an Academy on March 1st”

“The Worle GCSE results are in line to be excellent this summer. We are really excited about the future and, clearly, WCSA will continue to be a strong community school.

“There is now a strong imperative to improve exam results quickly and many parents have clearly seen this as a very good thing. We now have Evening School and even Saturday School underway – just like our partner school at Priory.”

The Priory Learning Trust’s Executive Principal Neville Coles, who is an OFSTED inspector and a National Leader in Education, will be leading both schools, aided by excellent Heads of Schools Jane McBride at Priory and Jacqui Scott at Worle.

Neville said: “We are delighted to have such brilliant students and staff at both schools and are very excited about the future.”

Martin Kerslake, a former National Bursar of the Year and one of Britain’s best school business leaders, is the Chief Operating Officer for the new Trust.

In recent years PCSA has become one of Britain’s best schools, earning numerous accolades, and now has some of the best education processes and teachers in the UK. It is rated by OFSTED as ‘outstanding’.

PCSA deputy head boy eyes up role as future Prime Minister

03 April 2017

Year 11 Priory Community School student Reece Coombes, aged 15, is currently preparing for his GCSE exams but is also planning out a political career.

As deputy head boy after five years at one of the country’s best schools, encouraging students to go for their dreams, he now aims to be the Prime Minister.He is currently learning skills needed in politics such as PR, publicity and journalism, at the school’s journalism club.

PCSA is a high-achieving Academy with an outstanding extra-curricular programme including performing arts, sports, music.

Reece said: “I would love to be Prime Minister one day. Politicians have come in for a lot of stick over the years and young people have not been that interested in what is going on, but I am very eager to get involved and to change things.”


Wonder of Worle - Year 8 County Hockey Champions!


STUDENTS will be the big winners after Worle joins with the award-winning PCSA within The Priory Learning Trust from 1st March in a bid to take both schools beyond outstanding.

06 March 2017

The exciting partnership will mean both schools can get increased numbers of exceptional staff, bigger resources, smaller class sizes and even more outstanding buildings and facilities.

The Priory Learning Trust’s Executive Principal Neville Coles, who is an OFSTED inspector and a National Leader in Education, will be leading both schools, aided by excellent Heads of Schools Jane McBride at Priory and Jacqui Scott at Worle. Martin Kerslake, a former National Bursar of the Year and one of Britain’s best school business leaders, is the Chief Operating Officer for the new Trust.

In recent years PCSA has become one of Britain’s best schools, earning numerous accolades, and now has some of the best education processes and teachers in the UK. It is rated by OFSTED as ‘outstanding’.

Now both 11-16 schools will have ambitious plans to become beyond outstanding. It is likely they will also be joined in September by St Anne’s Primary School and Castle Batch Primary School.

The Chair of The PLT John Richardson said: “This is good news all around. Working together will mean even better education for all students. This is a really exciting time for students, parents and the community in Worle and North Worle.”

Neville Coles said: “We are passionate about taking all our schools to beyond outstanding in the years to come, and working together can help us to achieve this even faster. We will hope to provide smaller class sizes, more teachers and improved facilities at both Worle and Priory. Education in WSM is changing rapidly.

“We will now have a combined £16million + budget which will enable very quickly even smaller class sizes at both schools. This will lead to better exam outcomes for the students within WSM.

“Schools everywhere will be facing budget shortages in the future but we aim to stay ahead of the curve.

“For example, we hope to have 14 additional teaching members of staff joining in September adding to capacity through our Teaching School Alliance – this will add to staff – student ratios.

“Capital bids will soon be placed with the DfE at both schools under the new Trust arrangements.

“Already we are looking at bidding for a new sports hall at Worle and The Spencer Science Centre at Priory will open in September. Both will cost around £2.5 million. PCSA has an outstanding record in recent years of attracting successful capital money.“

The annual Open Evening at Priory will be in the summer term this year where Mr Coles will announce further ambitious plans for education within WSM. Worle’s Open Evening will be in early September.

A WORLE Community School student has overcome his fear of water to win prestigious swimming events and is now aiming for the 2020 Olympics.

21 February 2017

By Kieran Tasker, aged 14

George Cook, aged 13 has just achieved a range of accolades in the County Champtions at Milfield School.

He carried off 1st place in his age group for 100m butterfly, 2nd in the Junior age group for 100m butterfly, and 1st in the 200m Individual Medallion event.

The Year 9 student has been swimming since the age of 5 and is now aiming high to win the National Gold event before heading for Tokyo in 2020.

He said: “I was scared of the water for the first year but after that found it really fun and discovered butterfly when when I was 9 or 10, and then I beat my coach!”

Head of School Jacqui Scott said: “We are very proud of George and all his achievements.”

Latest Apprenticeships

FIVE inspirational WCSA students are looking for sponsorship for a life-changing expedition to help poverty-stricken Myanma

07 December 2016

The students are on a two-year programme of planning, money management and training in preparation for the trip in July 2017.

They need to raise £4500 each to help fund their student-led three-week World Challenge Expedition.

The trip will include helping villagers, school children and a community with building work, as well as helping in an elephant orphanage, and trekking around mountains.

It aims to encourage students to learn about responsibility, leadership, planning, teamwork, and physical and emotional challenges.
Teachers Eliza Slade and Emma Gibbins will be leading the trip.

Emma said: “They are wonderful students. This expedition will help a lot of people and also build life-long skills for the students.

“If anyone is able to support the students with sponsorship or would like more information, please contact us via email at egibbins@worle-school.org.uk or eslade@worle-school.org.uk

Former Worle student high flying at one of world's best animation firms responsible for Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep

02 December 2016

A FORMER Worle Community School student is now working for one of the world’s best animation companies.

Keith Kilpin designs games, apps and websites for Aardman Animations and received official credits for his work on the highly popular Shaun the Sheep film.After studying at Worle and then Weston College, Keith received a First Class foundation degree in graphic design before landing his dream role at the Bristol-based animations firm.Aardman have made nearly £1 billion worldwide and are responsible for a string of top animations including Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run and Flushed Away.

Keith, aged 26, said: “said: “From an early age I was doodling and creating new things. I started drawing as a hobby and never stopped.

“Working at Aardman Animations is a dream come true.”

ONE TEAM: Student Leaders from PCSA and WCSA pictured together during Non-Uniform Day for charity

30 November 2016

Head boys and girls from two Weston schools join together to find and celebrate achievements of their 2500 students in new ‘Be a Hero’ campaign.

Please note that students are not wearing uniform because it was a charity non-uniform day.
Head boys and girls from two ambitious schools are working together to find and celebrate the achievements of 2500 students.Priory and Worle’s Head’s leadership teams want to let the entire community know how brilliant their students and schools are.

This week the Head Boys and Girls, and Deputy Head Boys and Girls, met together at the launch of the ‘Be a Hero’ campaign in partnership with Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. The campaign aims to find inspirational students and to tell the community about them.

PCSA is the first member of the new The Priory Learning Trust (The PLT) and it is now assisting at WCSA, bringing the sharing of ideas, resources and support together.

PCSA Head Boy Will Bailey said: “The Be a Hero campaign is a great way for us to find out all about our inspirational students and to tell the whole community about them.”

WCSA Head Girl Iona Kempton said: “Our students are doing incredible things inside and outside of school. There is a real excitement around our community about the future.”

PCSA Head of School Jane McBride said: “It was wonderful to bring both schools together with the students sharing ideas. The Be a Hero campaign is already going down extremely well.”

WCSA Head of School Jacqui Scott said: “These are exciting days ahead for all of us and it was a joy to see students already joined together helping and supporting each other with a common aim.”

Worle Community School deputy head boy joins high achieving siblings in achieving in and out of the classroom

01 November 2016

A WORLE Community School student is joining his high achieving siblings in making his mark in and out of the classroom.

Oliver Cunningham is deputy head boy and has just achieved his sports tie because of his sporting prowess, and is high-flying in his GCSE work.He also plays football for the school and for local teams at the weekend, as well hockey for the men’s and Under 16s teams at Weston Hockey Club club.

He also finds the time to referee boys and girls football at the weekend.

Incredibly, Oliver’s two siblings were collecting awards at the school’s awards evenings last week.

His older brother Stan was back to collect a sporting award weeks into his scholarship at Millfield, one of the world’s best public schools.

And his younger sister Annabel was also picking up a sports award.

Head of School Jacqui Scott said: “Well done to all three members of the Cunningham family.”

NEARLY 3000 students at TPLT are becoming among the first in Britain to lead the way in getting rid of lethal disposable plastics that are wrecking lives, health and the planet

The inspiring students of PCSA, WCSA, and St Anne’s are joining staff in taking to their schools with litter pickers to blitz plastics into bins, and to rid disposable plastic from the restaurant.


The new student school teams want to answer the call from Sir David Attenborough and become a Plastic-Free-School and to help the ambitious Weston Mercury Cleaner Coastlines campaign to clean up the beach and receive Plastic-Free Coastline status.

The new school teams are already relentless in making their environments litter free.



They are now on a drive to rid the school of ‘disposable’ plastic, which is causing eight million tonnes of it is ending up in the oceans every year, killing already-endangered marine life and even ending up in the food chain.

Partnering with Pabulum which provides the restaurant and catering facilities at PCSA and WCSA, they will now get rid of plastics in the school restaurant, classrooms and offices.

The actions include:

Filling up at water fountains rather than buying bottles of water.

Getting rid of food condiments

Removing the use of plastic straws.

Children at St Anne’s Primary School are also focussing on a 10 week ‘Who Has The Power?’ campaign to demonstrate the power every child and adult has over removing plastics.

Principal Jacqui Scott of WCSA said: “We want to be a school that leads the way in this. Our students are inspiring and taking direct action to help marine life and our very planet.”

Principal Jane McBride of PCSA said: “At PCSA we are passionate about being proactive with this global issue and fully recognise the fact that we have a duty to try to leave the world a better place for everyone. Small changes can make big differences.”

Principal Lisa Dadds of St Anne’s said: “We are showing every single child the power they have to change the world. This is a strong campaign to rid the world of plastics and we can start with our school.”

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